Ebay’s Seller Manager Pro – Pros and Cons

Ebay’s seller manager pro has been a utility that has been around for years. It’s great at certain functions and is made for certain types of users. For those that fit the purpose, its the only tool necessary. For others, it could limit the options you have to list products and is geared towards small-medium sized ebay sellers.

When access seller manager pro by the web within your ebay.com account. From the left navigation on the “my ebay” tab, your seller manager pro control panel is present.  The main tab you will be in is under “Inventory”. One thing that seller manager pro does well is organizing your ebay items inventory. With a few clicks you can create a product, assign it a SKU and save different “listing templates” for each item. You can organize different quantity, price and BIN or regular auction styles under one template without having to create a separate SKU.

After you’re done create the listing, you click the ADD PRODUCT button to adjust inventory level. After you’re ready to create a listing campaign for that SKU. Its very basic but straight forward. You can also print postage manually through paypal and have basic reporting options too. Every order for now on will be assigned a “Record Number” that’s unique with each order and customer notes can be left for future reference with each record.

I would recommend Seller Manager Pro for sellers who have up to 50 different SKU’s. If you sell under this it’s a great tool for $19.99/month that will help you stay on top of your listings, give you basic inventory allocations and automate some repetitive tasks such as email notifications, feedback etc.


  • Cost efficient – Cant beat the price if your overwhelmed with daily orders.
  • Basic Inventory – Ability to save to folders, assign SKU’s and notification of low stock.
  • Automation Rules – Assign rules to each template for scheduled listings
  • Ease of Use to resell same sku with simple Add Quantity feature – Previous automation rules resume when quantity reaches a certain level and automation rules stop when stock falls below a user set number.

Here is where you might run into problems with seller manager pro. If you sell in volume, the interface within “My Ebay” is very time consuming. Editing a listing is 3 load pages, even if you are only changing the title. If you have over 50 SKUS and you decide to optimize them all you spend 75% of your time waiting for the next page to load so you can save the template.

Second, you might outgrow the automation rules that they give you. First off you are unable to assign auctions to space out more than 60 minutes apart. This means you have to duplicate a template under the product card and create a seperate identical listing to assign a different automatic listing rule.  For your top money makers that you might sell 4 different ways (Auction, Featured, BIT and Store Format) AND have several strategies (One everyday at at 5:00 and 3 auctions between 5&8 PST) it might not be uncommon to have 12-15 listing templates for a product which can be very time consuming if you want a price reduction or increase. Changing the cost for one product might take up to 10 minutes because each of 15 templates price has to be changed.

While you can duplicate templates to save some of that time, you lose the sales data that the template had previously. Beside the template it will show the success ratio of the product in the last 30 days. While this is helpful, if you had a product and sold all of them in a week it will show the ratio as 100%. If after 10 days you did not resupply that stock, the ratio will say 33%. It does not save the old ratios and you have to duplicate a new template each time you want a new sales report.

It also does not prefill any of your information such as Return Policy, Category and international sales options when you create new items.


  • Time consuming to make changes on the fly. Several load screens to make simple changes
  • No prefilled new templates covering the repetitive input (shipping options, return policy etc)
  • Inability to take advantage of relist credits for unsuccessful listings
  • Still pay 10 cents for schedules listings – Only ebay run programs charge this and any connected to the back end API receive this free of charge. Also applies for additional pictures.
  • Not capable of building kits – Not made for hosting central database of inventory, only items ready to sell.
  • Manual Shipping (2-3 Minutes per order). However you can use Paypal’s bulk system but can be tricky.


If you are more than you average person selling a few items a month, seller manager pro can help you organize your listings and assign basic automatic listings schedules. You can add inventory and manage listings with basic options that work. If you sell more than 50 pieces a day or have more than 50 unique products, Seller Manager Pro can become time-consuming to get repetitive task complete. The back end file management system (to upload in bulk) is not easy and required a very tech-savvy personnel to make bulk changes. It is stable, stays up to date with ebay’s changes and can help those who are looking for their first inventory/auction management tool.


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