Funny Ebay Feedback Comments

One thing I do on occasion is to look at our feedback and other users comments as well.  Every so often I see a feedback that makes me laugh, …or sometimes really wonder if the other person is safe to be on the streets. In any case, here is a list of feedbacks that were above and beyond your normal “A++ Fast Shipping” comments.  (Taken from random user names)

NEGATIVE – I had a hard atac and in hosepital

POSITIVE – I would smoke a fat one with this seller! 5 stars man!

NEUTRAL – his dog ate it, but I got a speedy refund. thanks

POSITIVE – if you and i were in prison I would have you back FAST!

NEUTRAL – Item came in baggie. I cant give a gift wrapped in a sandwich bag

NEGATIVE – didn’t mention item came with 3 layers of earwax and hair. BAD!

POSITIVE – thanks for sending your thong with the laser printer 🙂

POSITIVE –  I needed money for gas and seller refunded w/ no ?’s. A+

POSITIVE – As described, but smells like S*** sell nose plugs?

POSITIVE – You left a pack of cigarettes in the pockets. Thanks!

I will post more as I find them.  Feel free to share one you’ve seen in the comments section.


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