Terakpeak Research Software Review

Introduction of Terapeak Research and Marketplace Analysis Software

Terapeak has made leaps from their first inception and can be a great tool for powersellers or researchers while conducting business on ebay. This review will cover the basics, functionality and the pro’s and con’s of this Marketplace Research tool.

Terakpeak is an internet based utility that allows users to find selling prices, trends and sales reports and even help you spy on your competition!

As soon as you login you can conduct a search. I typed in “New Ipod Nano”. It takes about 5 seconds to do a search and can take longer depending on how far back

you decide to retrieve data. I particularly like the menu after the search is done that gives you all the basics you need. The success ratio, volume of sales, number of sales and how many money is being spent (on the buyers side) on that search term per 7, 30, 60, or 90 day duration.

Terapeak also provides a user experience that does not cause nausea after extreme indulgences. Having color bar graphs and interpretations of search results allows those who prefer to see things visually an experience above the other research tools out there.

The Benefits to Powersellers:

Terapeak definatly can help sellers find trends in the overall marketplace.  Being able to visually see that there are 50% less listings during a specific time period, but the same number of items being sold are just some of the findings Terapeak can help you notice.  You can also find out which days and hours have the most success compared to others.

One of the best features I think terapeak has is the research on other sellers! Everyone has competitors in their marketplace and its very good at gathering sales information and trends from your foes. You simply click the sellers tab on t he left navigation, type in the sellers name and click search. From this menu you can see you competitions success ratio, number of listings, highest to lowest priced items and even how much they’ve grossed during the past 30 days.

Alot of times it comes down to how your items are listed, regardless of price on ebay. This way you can search a competitor and see the ratio of auctions to buy it nows, line graphs of number of listings active by time and day and when they are having highest success ratios. Terapeak will not instantly cause your competitor to NARU because you are spying on them but it will make you think about angles others are taking and give you general assumptions of trends for products or competitors.


If you sell more than 15-25K monthly, Terapeak is a no brainer. For the cost (Currently around $30/month), this research tool is sure to make its investment back with a simple analysis of your own user name and top line items. While the data is not always 100% conclusive, it gives powersellers the ability to see things that sales reports and visual searches are incapable of representing.

It’s always nice to know how much market share you have on a particularly item or category as well. You can also search for a key term and it will show you the top sellers and their stats from #1 to the last seller. Very useful for finding who is selling your top money makers and have the ability to search their user name and compare your prices and techniques over theirs.


  • Keyword analysis tool is not the best. It’s very vague and does not have enough options for keyword analysis and title building.
  • I wish the bar and line graphs could be shown on one graphs when representing a) Sell through ratio b) number of listings and c) average sell price. This would eliminate alot of unnecessary wait time and clicks which most users religiously utilize this part of the program.
  • Some of the research on popular categories for SELLER SEARCH ONLY are restricted. (Cell Phones, Console systems). But you can easily work around this by doing Terapeak or standard ebay search and finding your competition. From there you can copy and paste their user name into terapeak and get their stats.


  • User Friendly and generates stats very fast.
  • One of a kind user interface that allows for multiple ways of viewing and representing data.
  • Seller and competitor research is a great tool for spying in on the competition.
  • Ability to see how you rank on ebay in sales on various products and terms.
  • Great montly price and the ability to view up to 90 days of stats and view other countries data for in depth international trends.

A great research tool that has lots of bells and whistles. Most users will really take advantages of 2-3 main features and not many of the others. However, being able to utilize those few tools can really help powersellers on a mid-size data that can help them produce more sales or reduce costly errors and guess work.


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