Update on Identical Listings on Ebay

Ebay announcing on July 30th that they are making steps towards a more friendly buyer experience. In doing so they would reduce the number of identical listings per user could be displayed on any single search results page.  With the limited amount of information release by ebay, several questions seemed to go unanswered but ebay has clarified in greater detail the parameters of the new policy.

In Summary:

(All of the following will display normally whether or not they have identical titles)

  • Auctions – Auctions will diplay normally and rank in the search results by time ending soonest.
  • Featured Plus & Gallery Featured – Users will still experience “bang for their buck” when they select and choose to pay a premium listing upgrade.

Some might wonder the worth of a featured auction upgrade with Fixed Price 30 comes out.  It will be interesting to see how a high velocity 30 day FP will rank in the search results with a high velocity. Users are urged to experiment with all types of listings to see how the changes will and will not effect previous listing strategies.

To learn more about what ebay considers a duplicate listing and the best procedures click here to learn more information.


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