Fill in item specifics and return policy for increased visibility.

Ebay will be taking a different angle in regards to the item specifics you fill out and return policy/payment options when you are creating an auction. Previously, users were able to leave these ebay fields blank and assign a section in their template that highlighted these features. Doing double the work is never fun and most sellers include this information in their template and neglect to fill them out fully.

Ebay will start ranking listings with the correct item specifics and a complete return policy higher than those who leave it out.  As ebay continues amazonificaion, item specifics can make or break your listings.

Because only about 60% of traffic is generated (taken from a tutorial at 2008 Ebay Live in Chigago) from the actual search bar, users have been finding inconclusive results based on their specifics or reputable sellers items are not coming with these fields chosen.

All sellers should start to implement all previous and new listings with fully detailed item specifics. Make sure to include make/model and all the features that ebay allows you to choose.  It’s very easy to move fast and makes mistakes when choosing the specifics so make sure to be accurate. If you accidentally choose the wrong feature of the product your buyer will be able to argue that the item was not as described.

The good thing is that after you have “installed” these specifics you will be able to drive more accurate and niche buyers for your item.  Confidence in using the categories menu to find products wont results in thousands of unrelated items either.

Also state out your return policy or at least put “See item description for full details”. Ebay is not checking the actual content of this section now but has added additional options in these fields so just make sure they are all clicked or have some content in them so ebay will think you have filled in the required information.

This can actually help your dispute or retaliation feedback if a user is unhappy he has to pay for return postage etc. Now that your policy is clearly stated and the module is located right before checkout, customers can’t use their impulse buying excuse that they didn’t read the entire auction or that it was hidden in an unnoticeable space in your template.

Takeaway tips: Return Policy and Item Specifics will increase your visibility and increase buyers experience. Policies are now plastered on your template and before checkout which will have your customers on the same page if a problem arises post-sale.


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