Ink Link Safety – Private Parts and Pervs?

The other day my brother told me to go play this game called ink-link. He made it seem like a hilarious online charades drawing contest. Wow this game seemed like a fun game to kill a few minutes of boredom. The first game was ending in the last few rounds so I just kind of watched to try and get the hand of it.

When the next game started I was bombarded with people asking me “A/S/L” and if you responded they would reply to be an older man or some bot that was spamming some porn site. I figured I could dodge the messages by disabling them. Literally, I had about 10 messages in under 2 minutes time.

Finally It was my turn to draw and I think it was a ship wreck. It was horrible but someone guessed it in the first 10 seconds.  Then comes some bogus guy ….you know what he started to draw? (Pictures are taken from image search but close to w hat I saw)

And then I get a racist comment:The rest of the round was filled with a bunch of idiots who only wanted to draw vulgar pictures and spell out cuss words and racial slurs. The good thing is you can kick the player. When 4 or more players boot, the person leaves and cant come back for an extended amount of time.

However, user names rarely seem to get kicked off and are easy to create so the idiots spamming this stuff can easily get back on after having their previous user name terminated.Beware when you go and play these games. Little ones should be monitored and the beginners lounge is full of spammers and drunks.  Humorous after the first time, maybe. Five is way too many!

You also have to watch out for cheats who create multiple user accounts or have friends play at the same time. This is like having 2 hands in poker. The other user can guess the phrase and often taught other user by guess the word correctly before the “drawer” even makes a pen stroke.

I’ve got one word for you pesky rodents. IM GIVING YOU THE BOOT!


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