Setting a password on Windows XP

Setting up a password for your screen saver or log-in to Windows Xp is very simple.

1) Step 1 – Click on the START button and go to the control panel.

Step 2) Click on “User Accounts”.

3) Click “Create A New User”. You must be under the administrator login. If you do not have any users names currently, you are most likely on with admin privileges.

4) Fill in the user name you wish to create an account under and click next. The next menu will ask what permission level to grant the new user. Set it to administrator and click next.

5) It should take you back to the User Accounts main menu. Now click on “Change an Account” or click on the new user icon on the bottom of the screen

6) Click on Change My Password and enter in your desired password and your done!

You will most likely have to restart or log out and log back in before the changes will take place.

You can also set a password on your screen saver after you have set up a user login.



    • tiphut

      What do you need help with? Ebay details are under MY EBAY, ACCOUNT INFORMATION. Is this what you needed?

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