Setting a Screen Saver Password on Windows XP

Setting a password for your screen saver is a useful tool in preventing unauthorized access to your PC in a work or public setting. Used often by people who use the computer throughout the day but often are away from keyboard for periods of time.

1) It’s very easy and starts by grabbing you mouse and right clicking on the desktop (main screen that has recycle bin and application icons on it). Click on properties

2) After this menu opens up, click on the SCREEN SAVER tab at the top of the window. Choose a screen saver and click “ON RESUME PASSWORD PROTECT”. To the right of this will be the time inbetween. Choose the amount of time you want to elapse before the screen saver will pop up. (Any keyboard strokes or mouse movement will bring up the password disable menu.

3) Click Apply and close the window. The password is set to your windows XP user name login password.  You can also adjust energy star power settings to conserve power when you are away. This will turn off the hard disks and ram so your computer is still on but taking a temporary nap and waiting for you to wake it up.


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