Stock photos for your listings – Fast and Easy!

A time consuming but very important step in a successful listing is the photo. Many sellers who push non-unique products often use stock photos in their auctions. Finding these is not that difficult but finding quality and unique photos can make your listing stand out. Imagine yourself scanning down the page with the same photo over and over and then BAM. Your listing catches your eye with a nifty picture that shows a bit more style than the others. – Thats the idea! To stand out and to give a detailed photo of your item.

One of the best methods I use is google images. You use this feature by clicking IMAGES in the top left of the page and type in your product in the search results. Google’s algorithm has a very good sense of finding high-quality and non repetitive photos. I usually scan a few pages deep and see if theres something that looks great but is’nt being used.

A great picture can get you the traffic you need into the listing so also consider the “picture gallery” upgrade which will blow-up the photo in the search results. Finding stock photos is one step easier with another quality search options from Google.


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