Ebay Fee Changes – September 16th 2008

Ebay has drastically lowered listing fees across the board for Fixed-Price listings. The great thing is that for most categories, the fee is just .35 cents regardless of the start price or how many pieces you have within each listing. (Mainly used for Dutch Listings).

Insertion Fees will be just 15¢ for Fixed Price listings in Books, Music, DVDs & Movies and Video Games categories—and for the holidays, starting September 16 and through the end of the year, just 5¢ when you use pre-filled item information. Now you can list more of your inventory with less upfront cost. We’re also offering 30-day duration for no extra cost—that’s 4 times the exposure for about a penny a day!

The 5 cents for using prefilled information strongly suggest that these changes are being made so that inventory across ebay can be categorized within their catalogue. One more step towards Amazonification for sure! But don’t let these discounts fool you, some Final Auction Value fees have gone up! However this should allow people to list more freely and not be scared away by unsuccessful fees and be charged more when your item actually sells.

Basic Fee Structure if you are not in one of the categories that has an adjustment (Electronics, DVD’s and clothing)

For many sellers with success ratios under 50%, this could be a sign of relief from the staggering fees were used to paying before. For me personally and the margins im used to I wouldnt mind paying more on the post sale with FAV fee and worry less about over listing and paying money for items that do not move! Those will less margins this probably will counteract and could increase your fees by a SMALL margin!

For a full description of these fee changes you can visit ebays announcment board on fees.


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