Fixed Price 30 and Good Til Canceled Explained

Today is one of those days I just really regret. With Ebay’s new policies and FP 30 going into effect about 12 hours ago, I am having to change 270 templates to reflect a Fixed Price 30 duration if the quantity and success ratio represents a case for this listing type. One thing I was confused about was the “Good Til Canceled” feature in addition with Fixed Price 30.I called our Powerseller representative and she clarified what Good Til Canceled means for your auctions.

Basically, if you set a 30 day duration it will list the item for 30 days and then END. I highly suggest this for right now as no one really knows how well these Fixed Price 30’s will work.

If you select Good Til Canceled, this is the same as listing a 30 day duration listing but will re list after it is finished and carry over your “Velocity”. This is very important for those who have consistent large lots of stock. If your listing was highly successful, Good Til Canceled is a great feature that requires no relisting strategies till your inventory reaches a certain level.

Also remember that it will RECHARGE you the fees. This is why I called because I am spending the $100 for the new featured 30 day auction. To date, I am not sure how these will go and if it’s worth the money. I only assigned them to our top sellers or consistant movers. In doing so I put them all on 30 day durations and if t hey are successful I will go back and change them to Good til Canceled. This might not seem like a big deal but after a months time I would forget to back and check the sales for these listing upgrades and wouldnt want to incur the $100 fee if the listing broke even or lost money.

You can change your auction from 30 Day Fixed price to Good Til Canceled in your templates but not as an active listing. I was also told by our powerseller represenative that choosing Good TIl Cancelled will also give your listing the best chance of carrying over the velocity that it earned from the previous listing to the new one. She explained that after a certain amount of days pass without a relist, you could potentially lose all of the velocity your FP30 listing had so keep on top of these during the next 30 days.

Major Updates to finding about FP30 and GTC on a more recent post!


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