Hammertap – Ebay Research Tool Review

Hammertap is truly a great resource for those wishing to research competitors, find listings titles and obtain several other important bits of data that can leverage their sales to the next level – and make that extra $1! I’ve been very happy with the adjustments and improvements Hammertap has made since they first came out and while I dont use their research tool for everything, I still use it on a daily basis along with a basic search and terepeak research software.

One thing that’s different about Hammertap is it’s an offline tool. This means the data is pulled from ebay’s API and then you are free to organize the data any way you like without further searching. When you first load Hammertap up, it doesnt look too appealing and it’s not. Compared to Terapeak the interface looks like it missed a decade in fashion but still has the guts to perform

Like any other research tool, you simply type a term in the Product Search tab to start an analysis. I do like the fact that you are able to conduct a “sample report“. This pulls the first 50 items based on your search terms and opens them in a display window. From here you can locate outliers that might misrepresent your data.

For example: I am trying to sell a Nintendo Wii Gaming System so I type “Nintendo Wii” that into the search bar. Cases, controllers and games all come up but I want console systems. Without having to wait the extended time to research thousands of items, I am able to use the “sample report” to see what my search results will most likely pull up preventing you from having to redo a timely search on 10,000 results.

You can search as far back as 60 days and go back 100,000 auctions. The search can take a minute to bring up the results but never more than 2 full minutes. After the results come up you are given some very basic graphs and reports. (Total listings, success ratio, average selling price, # of sellers with sales etc). This is usually a good indicator if your results are conclusive to find out if your item is worth selling or not.

Features I Use Often:

  • Right after I conduct this search I head to the LISTINGS tab located below the series of charts. Dont freak out when you see column after column and row after row of data. You can customize and delete rows that are unnecessary or that you use less frequent and move them to the right side of the screen. From here I usually organize by QUANTITY SOLD. Say you have products in bulk and usually have a lot on hand, you’ll go after the data from the listings in the last 60 days that show the greatest # of sales for any given single listing. After you organize by highest to lowest (under quantity sold) I might see an auction for Nintendo Wii that where the guy/gal sold 45 pieces in one auction.These kinds of auctions might take forever to find with a manual search or terapeak. Hammertap locates the highest quantity auction and allows you to see their fees and click on the auction it self and will open in a browser. Seeing the most successful listing for the product you are trying to sell will give you an idea of most quantity you could expect to sell in a 10 day Featured Plus auction.
  • Keywords – So far Hammertap beats all other tools ive seen at the keyword game. Terapeak give you a hand full but never give you enough options or sorting preferences. With hammertap you get EVERY search term for the results you pulled up. If you search and there were 10,000 auctions in completed auctions, you could expect to see pages of keywords. How does one decide on which keywords are the best? Again you can sort by “Successful auctions” and then “% Quantity Sold” and right there on the top will be 1-40 words that are SELLING for your product.

TIP: Remember not to always choose the most repetitive words that you see. Sometimes choosing a keyword that is present less than others, but still has a great sell through ratio can put you in the core search results for a more targeted audience.

  • Hammertap has a fluid competitor research tool – Dont you just love it when you capitalize from taking just a sneak peak at your foes? Hammertap has helped me find tons of products I might never have sold. In some peoples line of work, they are able to buy many many things for resell. Choosing the right ones or going with ones you are unsure of can always be difficult to issue a purchase order for. However Hammertap solves alot of that guess work! Just as easy as you typed in a search term, you can tpye in a competitors name. Identical to the “listings” display for a search, you can organize your competitors past listings over 60 days by Quantity Sold, Highest Sales Price, best success ratio etc. With the fees caluclator column you can instantly tell if your suppliers price is profitable and how many you might be able to turn over in a given time.

Conclusion: Hammertap is’nt visually appealing but gets the job done. To date, it has the best keyword anaylsis tool and the means to organize the data and help you make conclusions about your titles more efficiently. The search results can lock up from time to time and a CTR-ALT-DEL is necessary but with a good computer and a fast connection you should be ok. The price is great at $19.99/month and there are many more features that are interesting but I do not use as much.

They also give a free 30 day trial before they charge your card. No money-back guarantee stuff. You will have to put a card on file but the website live customer service is always on and can cancel easily through there if you want. This tool is great and anyone should give it a try for the free trial period! One of the first items I used hammertap for helped paid for it’s life time membership. A simple keyword I would never have found helped me make $10 more per piece and had 200 in stock 🙂


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