Keyword Spamming on Ebay – Now a double whammy!

Previous to ebay’s major search changes during Summer 08′, keyword spamming was for those risk takers knew doing so would drive in more traffic and laughed at ebay’s policy. Thats because all you had to worry about was getting your listing removed and as a powerseller are actually given a handful of violations before they even consider revoking your powerseller status. Times have changes and ebay is making changes to hit your twice if you continue to abuse keywords in your listing title.

Ebay’s new best match algorithm will take a closer look at finding multiple, unrelated search terms that recognize the potential for fraud. A seller’s title might be “Nintendo Wii Console Gaming System NIB w/ games PS3”. This previous way the seller would drive traffic for those typing in “PS3 console systems” and “Nintendo Wii Console” resulting in more exposure for those wanting a gaming system but have yet to truly decide on which platform they want to get. (Personally I prefer the Wii …how addicting).

You can now expect ebay to being collecting data and spamming violations will result in lower search standards when the system can “without a doubt” determine potential spamming. As ebay moves more towards amazonification, they want true sentence like titles, not discombobulation of 10 different keywords popping up in the core results. How many times do you search Amazon and even see “New Ipod Nano 8GB Mp4 Mp3 like JUKE” ….never! While sentence like structures will not happen overnight the least you can expect is to be penalized for taking advantage of keywords that don’t belong there in the first place.

“Anybody who expects to make more money or get more bids by adding “Britney Spears” or “Paris Hilton” to their auction description is just deluding themselves,” Yeager said. “It doesn’t work. It might make their hit counter go up, but that’s all.”

Keep it clean! Keep it simple and always do your research. 99.5% of the time there is a relevant keyword that will work just fine without your listing being subject to TOS. While you might not get caught or have your listing removed you’ll only be shooting yourself in the foot when your listing goes unsold.


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