Channeladvisor on top of FP30 and other ebay changes.

I’ll have to say September 16th 2008 is defiantly a big event for ebay. With all the changes to fees, feedback and a “new and better” best match algorithm, 3rd party software providers have had their hands full with updating their platform to keep up with the marketplace.

Channeladvisor was right on top of things even though the changes didn’t go live till a little after midnight. Scot Wingo and his team were able to make the FP30 adjustment to all of their multiple platforms. He adds that it was even more difficult because their API wasn’t available till after the changes were post leaving little to no advanced preparation. However, CA users were able to wake up and drink their coffee without starting their morning as a typical “Case of the Monday’s”.

I had the pleasure of checking both turbo lister and auctiva and both had problems or had not made the changes at all. Seller Manager Pro did make have the updates but thats expected when they are owned and operated by ebay employees. Those who’s software was not updated could suffer a huge disadvantage if they are unable to gain “Velocity” with their listings from day 1. Just comes to show you when a company is serious about their customers. Ultimatly, Channeladvisor is funded by the success of their users and im sure their customers appreciate the hard work as well.


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