USPS Bulk Acceptance Scans of Delivery Confirmations

There’s one thing that customers always want and that’s their delivery confirmation or tracking code e-mailed to them as soon as the package has been processed and ready to ship. If you prefer your customers to see “Item Accepted at Local Facility” instead of ” Electronic Shipping Info Received” you can use an Endicia Scan Form.

The idea is pretty simple. At the end of every day before you hand over your packages to the mail carrier, you hand them a printed form with a bar code that you print from within your account. This form connects to USPS’s database and knows all the packages you’ve processed that day. When he/she scans the form it bulk accepts all the packages that your shipping that day without USPS having to scan each individual package.

Usually Delivery Confirmation is scanned at the shippers local facility and will not show updates till the following morning or within 24 hours. This leaves a lot of customers wondering if their package has been sent. Most people are aware that until it has an update saying it’s been picked up, movement hasn’t been made. Im sure the entire reason behind this is to reduce the number of calls and frustrations businesses have with customers calling to say their delivery confirmation hasn’t updated.

The scan form is a great tool for any business using Endicia Dazzle for several more reasons.

  • Your mail man will love you. No one likes scanning hundreds of packages when they get back to the mail hub.
  • On a normal pick-up, not all your packages might be scanned. Our previous pick up was “last call” for our area. Within 45 minutes of the pick up time, they had to be on a truck to head to the main facility for transportation. If you hand them over 900 packages after a weekend’s worth of sales, your chances are slim to none that they will scan them all. Just because you hand them over doesn’t necessary mean they will be scanned and USPS is actually not responsible.
  • You will have less customers calling and e-mailing asking if their package was lost or not sent out.

Within Dazzle, you will need a scan form for every 200 parcels. If you have 624 outgoing, you just select “highlight all” and it will grab 200, print and repeat the process 2 more times and then one additional time to pick up the 24 additional parcels.

It takes about 2 minutes at the end of each day but saves much more time and gives more accuracy and dependability for the postage options you’ve selected. Remember, only parcels with Delivery Confirmation qualify for this feature and must have a professional or platinum endicia account.

Setup is very easy and instructions on setting up your current layout templates in endicia can be found on their website. If you have any troubles, this is one option the post office will not hesitate to help you with.



  1. J

    FYI: The actual mail carrier isn’t the one who does the scanning of packages picked up from customers. All they have to do is bring them back to the office. The clerks take care of all the busywork like that.

  2. tiphut

    Thanks, I didn’t word it correctly 🙂

    Also …to print the scan form you login to your endicia account from their website. It’s under the tools sections called “SCAN FORM”.

  3. Jon

    Actually, the local post office doesn’t do ANY scanning, except for Express Mail and international packages. They just dump the packages in the appropriate bin and load them on the truck. The first time your package will be scanned is at the local hub/sort facility. That’s how it works in my area anyway (Western New York State)

    Unfortunately, it looks like endicia requires you to have at least a professional account in order to do SCAN forms. Neither the standard nor premium accounts are good enough, aparently. 😦

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