114 visit day after 3 days of blogging.

I was pretty surprised at how fast wordpress got traffic to my site. I started this blog last weekend and have posted maybe 25 articles. I was excited when 20 people visited in the first day and 114 was beyond my expectations. Im sure others that’ve done this for longer would laugh at me but my experience so far has been easy and some what addicting.

The stats inside are simple to follow but are interesting to look at and I can tell this CMS is made for the every day user. I’ve used joomla before and never experienced a few hundred hits till weeks after. Here I haven’t advertised the link in 1 spot on the internet either.  My topics have been somewhat “off-topic” but the spread of hits to individual articles has been pretty even.

I wonder what type of traffic others experience in the infancy of their site without any “promotional techniques” and where this type of traffic ranks compared to similar blogs in their first few days.


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