Ebay’s Sept. 20th Announcment Re-Cap on Policy Changes

  • Recent sales of multi-quantity listings
  • Reasonable and free shipping – Mainly for the media category.
  • Significant Incentives for free shipping – increased visibility, free subtitle and double FAV fee discount. (Changes made October 1st)
  • No Money Orders or Checks – Must use paypal or propay for easy checkout experience
  • Sellers Must have 4.3 DSR stars to sell on ebay after October 1st

  • Moving to successful based pricing – Low insertion fees for those selling “like” items over and over. Really important that they consolidate their listings with multi quantity listings. As people buy, listing will be rewarded with more exposure and savings on fees.
  • Now that time ending soonest is not a factor in Best Match, 30 day FP makes sense to keep up for as long as possible.
  • A good time to move Ebay Store inventory to FP30 listings
  • No changes to auction style fees
  • Ebay’s take on Best Practices to improve DSR ratings
  • Communication DSR – Communicate post sale with tracking, thank them for the purchase and handle any post sales concerns.
  • Leave positive Feedback after you have accepted payment! Not after they’ve left it. Builds communication early and gives a positive tone.
  • By October 5th, revise shipping cost to market average or free shipping
  • Specify return policy on all templates in ebays format, not just in your listing template.

Questions and Answers:

1) Why did you increase the FAV in media category compared to other categories?

Drastically reduce upfront fees. If you use the catalogue you only pay 5 cents.

2) How is ebay educating buyers on DSR and feedback comments and remarks?

New format for leaving feedback asking buyer if they have tried to resolve and leave accurate feedback.

3) What happens if the shipping calculator shows a higher price than the average cost in my cateogory?

If item is heavier, mult-quantity use flat rate shipping at or below the shipping cap.

4) Why have you required Paypal and electronic payment?

We are offering more options and it gives more visibility when you offer these options. In the future we will integrate 3rd party and other applications in the checkout process as an alternative method. Propay is also an option and is competitive.

5) Will the recent sales carry over when I relist my item?


6) Whats the future of stores if you want me to move my items to FP30?

Still important, you’re able to drive more traffic by offering them on the core results. Stores are still important for internal traffic transfer of similar items and getting customers once in your listing to go to your store. Most traffic to stores comes from clicking within the auctions.

7) Will auctions and BIN rotate in the core results?

Ebay is using “intermingle” as their term. They will be rotated but be specific for trends with DSR, past sales and maximum exposure for increase sales price and turn over percentage.

8) I heard that the Uk is going to get rid of stores. Does that mean it will be gone in the USA as well?

It will not be removed in the Uk and the USA and we think it’s very important in both markets.

9) Some sellers are listing ipods in flower category to avoid FAV fees. What are you doing to address this?

These listings will take advantage of relevancy policies. They will get a negative mark and receive less exposure.

10) When is ebay express closing?

Ebay express will close on September 18th.

11) When you integrate merchant Credit Card options in the checkout, will the credit card information be transferred to the sellers?


12) Will the credit card integration be available to Canadian’s in January.

Probably not, but looking for options.

13) International orders have concerns for DSR stars with shipping and transit times. What steps are you making to set realistic expectations for buyers with Shipping and Handling DSR stars?

We will reinforce longer transit times and buyers should as well. Let the buyers know realistic transit time, leave feedback when checkout is complete and not only let them know how long it will take to ship, but highlight how long it took you to get it out the door and offer to stay in constant contact after the sale.

14) Will setting “Standard Flat Rate Shipping” count as offering a shipping option?


15) Are pre-orders still valid?

Yes up to 30 days. Nothing has changed.

There seemed to be alot more questions on media, feedback DSR abuse by buyers and other questions that revolved around the above. What I took away is sellers need to communicate, specify shipping options and realistic expectations and optimizing listings for the new format. Most of these questions came from the message boards and even after this announcement video the vibe is that even with ebay’s explanations, members are still frustrated with the changes.

You can listing/view this entire macromedia flash session here.


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