Ebay Live Chicago 2008 – Where are all the participants?

I was pretty surprised by this video. I will admit, Ebay Live Chicago 2008 did seem a bit dead this year. I also noticed vendors brought less employees from the past. Networking is usually a great part of Ebay Live but this years attendance numbers were so low this was very hard. Check out this short clip from a top view of how dead the traffic was! I will say, this was taken at the end of the day when things were winding down and when lots of the seminars were being given but the traffic wasn’t much larger during the peak hours.



  1. b gram

    hilarious! perhaps that’s why they’ve cancelled ‘eBay Live 2009’ – kinda resembles the listings recently…eBay is dead! The shooter was John Donahue and sellers have marched to different venues!

  2. vzaar Jamie

    To be fair I worked on our stand all three days and that video clip is an unfair and inaccurate description of the traffic on all three days.

    I’ve no idea when it was taken but it is either at the very start or the very end of the day because on all three days during the main opening hours of 0900-1600 it was much busier than that.

    Yes footfall was down on previous years and I think there was an element of eBay fatigue but I’m sorry that clip is simply not representative of events.

  3. tiphut

    I did comment that it was late in the day when alot of other events were going on, but compared to previous years from others …it was well below normal traffic. I think this year’s participation is a main reason ebay is thinking about canceling 2009.

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