Fixed Price 30 (FP30) vs Good Till Canceled (GTC)

I was a bit unsure about the differences between Fixed Price 30 and Good Til’ Canceled and how it would effect velocity with your listings so I decided to shoot a call to the powerseller hot-line. In a brief summary, the differences are both obvious but can drastically change velocity and rankings within ebay’s core search results.


This blog article received so many hits so It’s moved over to my official blog. Please follow this link to catch up on all your good till cancelled vs fixed price 30 auction listing duration items. And lets get making that money!



  1. Dennis Legg

    Thanks for this concise information on velocity differences between FP30 and GTC FP30. I thought they were the same until I read your article. I learned that it’s best to do all my successful products on GTC and just monitor quanitities within eBay and keep them refreshed so as to keep velocity up. Thanks again!

  2. Mike

    Why don’t you tell us your user ID on ebay to promote more? Are you sure you are not one of these sellers that talks the talk but has no proof?

  3. Jack

    Thank you for your post, it helps me a lot, but I have a question hopefully you can answer.

    Does item ending matters on GTC and FP30? for example before we always wanted 5 days 7 days 10 days to end on prime time so we have more exposure, does it matter or GTC and or Fp30 or it doesn’t matter now for all FP?

    • tiphut

      Jack …its very hard to say. E-Bays algorithm is sometimes so messed up that it will show TIME ENDING SOONEST for 1/2 the day in certain categories with BEST MATCH set as the default search criteria.

      It all depends on your margin. If you can afford .35 cents listings and you’re going to use a schedule, yes …I would have them end on prime times because you might take advantage of ebay’s crazy algorithm that isnt working 100% properly most of the time.

      If you have alot of sales, time ending soonest might not matter as the listing should come up in the search results. Remember to monitor your DSR stars and if you arent showing up, check out who is and what edge they might have on your listing, price, strategy or product offering.

  4. bob

    If i was to do the first listing as fp7 then fp30 or gtc on relist, would it still carry over velocity?

    if an item goe sout of stock, but then you relist and add stock one, will it still keep velocity?

    thanks in advance !!

    • tiphut

      On a FP30 listing, you have “seven” days to relist with the same TITLE, CATEGORY PRICE etc to carry over the velocity. Do not change any unnecessary listing forms.

      Ebay says a FP30 will only carry over velocity 2 times. I think at this point (MID SUMMER 09′) this is not the case. You can use FP30 and continue to relist without suffering any major velocity. In the future this might change, but at least with my listings I use many FP30 and manually relist them (yes it’s additional work but I dont want $100 listing going up before I approve the P&L report on them) and I see little to no changes in velocity.

      Hope this helps

    • tiphut

      No, you will only carry over “velocity” with recent sales from a Fixed Price 30 listing. Having sales from the 7 day duration “COULD” help next time listing within ebay’s algorithm, but for best changes …make sure to use GTC. Its the SAME price as 3,5,7,10 day listings so why not? Saves some money and you can always remove the listing if it your quantity is out.

      Let me know if that answers your question.

  5. Jon A

    if i list an item, and it says i qualified for a free listing fee, and then i add a buy it now and it says i qualified for a free buy it now, if i make it a good till cancelled auction will the same thing occur next time, or could it incur listing and/or buy it now fees that would eventually drag down, or elimate any profit say on a smaller item? thx

  6. Dracula

    To the genius that wrote all this about ebay, please try to learn the difference between effect and affect.

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