How to make easy money on craigslist – for true “hustlers”!

Making money on craigslist is actually alot easier than you think. Obviously, the site is filled with spammers, advertisers and affiliate programs that are going to be flagged and removed before you know it. However, If you’re able to copy and paste relatively fast (easy) and can do some basic ebay research, you should be able to pull in a few hundred dollars a week in your spare time without violating craigslist terms of service.

This method is pretty guaranteed and constant and it really takes advantage of the weekend warrior who needs cash for a night out on town or to pay that past due bill and prevent their cell phone or other utility from being shut off.

This Craigslist Article Received so many hits over the last 4 years, that I decided to remove it from this blog and post on my official blog. Please follow this link for this popular article and many other related eBay and Craigslist money making tips on . Thank you and let’s make some money!



  1. tiphut

    Yes, my English isn’t the best because I have always typed and been a computer guy! …I also usually write my articles between 1-2AM when I get off of work 🙂

  2. Armando

    I’ve just recently jumped into the cl to ebay market.

    I’m trying to find 24″ lcds on cl. I have found 1 for $180 that I am probably going to resell on eBay for about $230.

    I think a big part of being a hustler is being able to negotiate when necessary.

    Confidence in your offer makes you a smarter buyer too.

    • tiphut

      Very nice, remember ebay fees and shipping cost before you post or think of all the “e-costs” when negotiating a price. Also knowing how to sell it, directly to the end user will help make more on both ends.

    • tiphut

      Yes the idea is not to spam, if you’re doing this the “legit” way, you really only use e-mail so this might not be necessary

  3. Greg Brady

    Hey, I have a question? I have been rocking on craigslist for awhile. But, lately not so good.
    And, besides the 4 normal pictures how are people adding biger ones in there. Thanks

  4. Justin D

    I’ve found that there’s way more profit in buying from eBay an reselling on Craigslist. Last year I bought a big screen LG LED TV for $340 with free shipping and sold it a couple weeks later for $450. Nice easy $100+ profit and I didn’t have to pay any fees to eBay or Paypal. Most people just don’t have time or knowledge to scour through eBay to find the best deals so if you know what you’re doing. There’s definitely profit to be made.

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