Image Hosting for Ebay photos & images made easy

Image hosting is something almost everyone does off of ebays platform. Being charged to expose your image from different angles can really add up if you run lots of listings. Likewise, it’s nice to have a all your images in a centralized location if you use your images for your website or just want to have more organization that ebay provides. There’s a few free companies that get the job done with ease.

  • Photo bucket is a great tool that has a very user friendly website. You’re able to login and on the first menu have the option to upload photos.  Reduces alot of clicks and when you need to copy and paste the image location somewhere else the auto copy box is a great tool. After you upload you see a thumb nail of your image and the code for various ways to display the image. One says “Copy URL” all you have to do is click that field and it automatically copies the code. It’s also very reliable and theres only been a few short periods of down time from my experience in the past year. The ads are minimal and very rarely get in your way.
  • Using your own FTP is also a great way to upload photos. After you’ve grabbed some web storage space (you can upgrade on photobucket or find one for cheap all over the internet) uploading is even faster. I tend to notice FTP’s upload the photos fast and if you have multiple places you need to get the image you can easily drag and drop in different categories or sites with a few clicks.

Heres a website that highlights alot of the free and reliable image hosting options out there.


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  1. Nossie

    photobucket is nice but my site is good aswell, check link below

    ——————————————————— the most used image sharing, hosting and upload site. Create galleries and stuff for free !

    Support this website and click some ads 😀 Thanks and cu there ^^

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