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Sources to find and research top Power Sellers on ebay

Once in a while it’s interesting to go out and see who else is selling and how big some of the companies on ebay actually are.  Searching through the core can be tedious but a few websites and tools can help you locate and see some of their statistics rather quickly.

  • Top Sellers List – A rather cheap database that extracts just the basics of high feedback sellers. While feedback score is sometimes irrelevant to success, it does give a general indication of “status” on the marketplace. Sellers have to submit potential user names to scrape information from but the list has most of the big names included.
  • SellerDome – Another database that has a few more search options and organized a bit more than others. One feature I like is the row that shows what category the user is in. Scanning down the list to find categories of interest are easily found.

After you find some competition or interesting names you can always use hammertap or terapeak to get their revenue and listing data.  The data can sometimes be a bit behind but offers some potentially valuable starting points for finding out whose out there selling in volume.


Seller Manager Pro – Error Messages with updates to Listings

Seller Manager Pro, en ebay listing tool has some serious errors after fixed price 30 and good til Canceled rolled out 2 weeks ago. Updating quantity and other changes to active templates are giving sellers error messages that prevent them from making adjustments to descriptions and quantity changes. Until they’re fixed, high velocity listings maybe effected after you go to relist the item as well.

My exact example is coming from an active FP30 featured listing. Yea, one of those you pay $118.00 to list! I had an auction that was about to run out of quantity and for the first time tried to add another couple of pieces since it still had 20 days to go and got the following error message.

Error: Please provide the correct information in the highlighted fields.

  • Description – The description can no longer be revised.

The description hasn’t been changed but does now include a text box below your current HTML/Description.  The only way around this is to add something to the description that will appear unprofessionally at the end of the active auctions and says something like “The Following was added to the description on XX/XX/XXXX “A great item!”. It’s actually been tough to come up with lines so I’ve been adding a “.” not to confuse buyers.

The next problem is updating the quantity. Again, you go into a product template to change the Quantity Available filed and when you click continue you get an error telling you:

Error: You must fill out the Return Policy Specifics

When you scroll down to the red text that highlights to problem, the return policy is filled out and an an un-editable field.

After calling the powerseller support line, we found out it’s a problem that has been called in a few times already. We checked different Internet browsers and they even logged in under our name and received the same two problems.

After going through a few dozen auctions and checking this out, the problem was defiantly coming from the changes in the return policy. In the last 3 months ebay has made 3 difference phases of Seller Manager Pro’s return policy fields.

  • Phase 1- had only two text fields for Payment Instructions and Return Policy Details.
  • Phase 2 – added in the amount of time a customer could return the item and the length of time.
  • Phase 3- added the Return Shipping Cost – Is paid by Buyer/Seller.

If your template is recent in phase three, you shouldn’t experience any problems. If you are in phase one or two, you will get the error messages.

Ebay did agree they would refund some money back on listing fees for those listings that we wanted to change.  If you’re running out of inventory, updating the quantity for a FP30 with 20 days left is an easy way to save two more relist attempts at $100+ per listing so it can be costly.

The third error I found (and I haven’t called in about this one) is some of our images are not showing up in the core results gallery image at all. I’ve checked our images and the templates say they’re uploaded and a preview of the listing in their software pulls it up just fine. I saw immediate dips in sales where the images didn’t show up and again these were a few FP30 Featured listings.

They should have this fixed soon and was told the developers were working on resolving the issues.


I’ve been scrambling to find a solution and finally I found the answer. You wont be able to fix it on the front end, but you can correct current listings. For us, I’ve only noticed featured or multiple quantities listings being effected so I only had about 15 to changes. They were $100 listings so I didnt mind spending the time. If you have dozens or hundreds, it could take some time but at least for now you’re able to make the corrections

  1. Go to the sitemap located on in the upper right hand corner
  2. Under Selling Activities , click “Change your Items Image Gallery Image”
  3. Type in the item number and click continue. You’ll get a screen that looks like this.

If the image gallery photo is correct in the upper portion, click “Create”. This will populate the below field with the correct photo and click submit. Check your auction in the core results and it should be fixed. It’s worked for me so far.

Hammertap and Terapeak not up to date with ebay changes

Going through some seller searches, it’s very definite that listing research tools (hammertap and terapeak) have some serious tweaking to do with their software platforms before we can consider them serious tools after ebay’s policy changes this year. Research on seller competitors and reports have stats way off and not even  close to a ball-park figure.

One main reason people use these research tools is their ability to look up recent trends within the past week or month on how a certain product has performed and tracking competitors sells to find new products and trends to take the guess work out of listings to reduce listing fees and guesstimate success ratios. Let’s take a look.

What I found: For starters, they’ve been unable to update 30 day listings formats in any of their stats. As many ebay sellers start to pump their auction out with Fixed Price 30, having these stats to make better decisions is a great way to take a lot of the guess work out. As you can see below, weeks after the new updates, FP 30 items are neither listed as a listing type or duration making many sellers who’s product fall under this category useless for research.

Falling along this same idea, trends change so fast on ebay in a 7-30 day period, that completed auctions can no longer be a standard for research data. Most sellers want to know what’s sold or is selling within the past few days or weeks, not over months and months of data.

If I wanted to do a search for “Unlocked Motorola V3 Phones” …using this tool I am only going to see finished auctions and BIN items that were successful/unsuccessful. But when I do a search (not under completed and on current items) I see dozens of fixed price 30 auctions up and selling WELL.

With the current programming, Terapeak and Hammertap will HAVE to implement some type of current listing data to flow into completed auction data. Until a 30 day listing ends, (which is way to long to grab real time data in E-Commerce for current trends), sellers will be unable to really get a feel of how their items might sell with post-sales data.

Ex: I see an auction for Motorola F3 Unlocked Cell Phone up that is a featured FP30 listing. Under purchases, it’s sold 350 phones in the past 10 days and still has 20 days left. Terapeak isn’t going to take those 350 phones into consideration till the auction ends in 20 more days. Two other sellers have similar auctions up accounting for over 700 purchases on FP30 with at least 15-20 days left before they end. Only 1900 of these phones sell per month leaving about 30% of sales data out of the equation and taking. Even more importantly, neglecting the MOST RECENT sales data. By the time these end, prices can easily change in the cell phone category leaving sellers with unreliable up-to-date research data.

Competitor research is also completely off. After researching our user names sales in the past 7 days, this is the screen shot that I get.

These number are completely off.  Our inventory system gives us very accurate reports on weekly/daily sales and we actually averaged about $18,000/day this week and by tomorrow will have done about $80,000 in gross sales. Again, terapeak is taking ONLY completed auctions into consideration and is unreliable because the tool won’t current (not yet ended) FP30 auctions into their equation.

We also averaged 380 packages per 24 hour period this week, taking reliable reports from shipworks. Terapeak is saying we only sold 973 pieces.

Conclusion: I think they’ll eventually change this but have to really think hard on how to merge completed auction and current sales data and even more importantly, represent it in a way that benefits their customers. Also thinking about the options the users will have to graphically or numerically represent data around these new issues is sure to be a large task in their R&D departments.

For others, research might not be as off. It all depends on the category and nature of products being sold as many categories will not be selling in FP30 because it doesn’t make any sense. Other categories such as consumer electronics, DVD’s, CD’s etc are sure to feel this effect.

Tip: All sellers should do a basic search from the main page of to check current FP30 auctions. Check their success, prices, keywords etc as these research tools will not have accurate data till after 30 days (if they make the update by then)

USPS Bulk Acceptance Scans of Delivery Confirmations

There’s one thing that customers always want and that’s their delivery confirmation or tracking code e-mailed to them as soon as the package has been processed and ready to ship. If you prefer your customers to see “Item Accepted at Local Facility” instead of ” Electronic Shipping Info Received” you can use an Endicia Scan Form.

The idea is pretty simple. At the end of every day before you hand over your packages to the mail carrier, you hand them a printed form with a bar code that you print from within your account. This form connects to USPS’s database and knows all the packages you’ve processed that day. When he/she scans the form it bulk accepts all the packages that your shipping that day without USPS having to scan each individual package.

Usually Delivery Confirmation is scanned at the shippers local facility and will not show updates till the following morning or within 24 hours. This leaves a lot of customers wondering if their package has been sent. Most people are aware that until it has an update saying it’s been picked up, movement hasn’t been made. Im sure the entire reason behind this is to reduce the number of calls and frustrations businesses have with customers calling to say their delivery confirmation hasn’t updated.

The scan form is a great tool for any business using Endicia Dazzle for several more reasons.

  • Your mail man will love you. No one likes scanning hundreds of packages when they get back to the mail hub.
  • On a normal pick-up, not all your packages might be scanned. Our previous pick up was “last call” for our area. Within 45 minutes of the pick up time, they had to be on a truck to head to the main facility for transportation. If you hand them over 900 packages after a weekend’s worth of sales, your chances are slim to none that they will scan them all. Just because you hand them over doesn’t necessary mean they will be scanned and USPS is actually not responsible.
  • You will have less customers calling and e-mailing asking if their package was lost or not sent out.

Within Dazzle, you will need a scan form for every 200 parcels. If you have 624 outgoing, you just select “highlight all” and it will grab 200, print and repeat the process 2 more times and then one additional time to pick up the 24 additional parcels.

It takes about 2 minutes at the end of each day but saves much more time and gives more accuracy and dependability for the postage options you’ve selected. Remember, only parcels with Delivery Confirmation qualify for this feature and must have a professional or platinum endicia account.

Setup is very easy and instructions on setting up your current layout templates in endicia can be found on their website. If you have any troubles, this is one option the post office will not hesitate to help you with.

Hammertap – Ebay Research Tool Review

Hammertap is truly a great resource for those wishing to research competitors, find listings titles and obtain several other important bits of data that can leverage their sales to the next level – and make that extra $1! I’ve been very happy with the adjustments and improvements Hammertap has made since they first came out and while I dont use their research tool for everything, I still use it on a daily basis along with a basic search and terepeak research software.

One thing that’s different about Hammertap is it’s an offline tool. This means the data is pulled from ebay’s API and then you are free to organize the data any way you like without further searching. When you first load Hammertap up, it doesnt look too appealing and it’s not. Compared to Terapeak the interface looks like it missed a decade in fashion but still has the guts to perform

Like any other research tool, you simply type a term in the Product Search tab to start an analysis. I do like the fact that you are able to conduct a “sample report“. This pulls the first 50 items based on your search terms and opens them in a display window. From here you can locate outliers that might misrepresent your data.

For example: I am trying to sell a Nintendo Wii Gaming System so I type “Nintendo Wii” that into the search bar. Cases, controllers and games all come up but I want console systems. Without having to wait the extended time to research thousands of items, I am able to use the “sample report” to see what my search results will most likely pull up preventing you from having to redo a timely search on 10,000 results.

You can search as far back as 60 days and go back 100,000 auctions. The search can take a minute to bring up the results but never more than 2 full minutes. After the results come up you are given some very basic graphs and reports. (Total listings, success ratio, average selling price, # of sellers with sales etc). This is usually a good indicator if your results are conclusive to find out if your item is worth selling or not.

Features I Use Often:

  • Right after I conduct this search I head to the LISTINGS tab located below the series of charts. Dont freak out when you see column after column and row after row of data. You can customize and delete rows that are unnecessary or that you use less frequent and move them to the right side of the screen. From here I usually organize by QUANTITY SOLD. Say you have products in bulk and usually have a lot on hand, you’ll go after the data from the listings in the last 60 days that show the greatest # of sales for any given single listing. After you organize by highest to lowest (under quantity sold) I might see an auction for Nintendo Wii that where the guy/gal sold 45 pieces in one auction.These kinds of auctions might take forever to find with a manual search or terapeak. Hammertap locates the highest quantity auction and allows you to see their fees and click on the auction it self and will open in a browser. Seeing the most successful listing for the product you are trying to sell will give you an idea of most quantity you could expect to sell in a 10 day Featured Plus auction.
  • Keywords – So far Hammertap beats all other tools ive seen at the keyword game. Terapeak give you a hand full but never give you enough options or sorting preferences. With hammertap you get EVERY search term for the results you pulled up. If you search and there were 10,000 auctions in completed auctions, you could expect to see pages of keywords. How does one decide on which keywords are the best? Again you can sort by “Successful auctions” and then “% Quantity Sold” and right there on the top will be 1-40 words that are SELLING for your product.

TIP: Remember not to always choose the most repetitive words that you see. Sometimes choosing a keyword that is present less than others, but still has a great sell through ratio can put you in the core search results for a more targeted audience.

  • Hammertap has a fluid competitor research tool – Dont you just love it when you capitalize from taking just a sneak peak at your foes? Hammertap has helped me find tons of products I might never have sold. In some peoples line of work, they are able to buy many many things for resell. Choosing the right ones or going with ones you are unsure of can always be difficult to issue a purchase order for. However Hammertap solves alot of that guess work! Just as easy as you typed in a search term, you can tpye in a competitors name. Identical to the “listings” display for a search, you can organize your competitors past listings over 60 days by Quantity Sold, Highest Sales Price, best success ratio etc. With the fees caluclator column you can instantly tell if your suppliers price is profitable and how many you might be able to turn over in a given time.

Conclusion: Hammertap is’nt visually appealing but gets the job done. To date, it has the best keyword anaylsis tool and the means to organize the data and help you make conclusions about your titles more efficiently. The search results can lock up from time to time and a CTR-ALT-DEL is necessary but with a good computer and a fast connection you should be ok. The price is great at $19.99/month and there are many more features that are interesting but I do not use as much.

They also give a free 30 day trial before they charge your card. No money-back guarantee stuff. You will have to put a card on file but the website live customer service is always on and can cancel easily through there if you want. This tool is great and anyone should give it a try for the free trial period! One of the first items I used hammertap for helped paid for it’s life time membership. A simple keyword I would never have found helped me make $10 more per piece and had 200 in stock 🙂

Interapptive ShipWorks Order Management – Review

Interapptive Shipworks is a great utility for any level ebay user to automate many of the post-sales transaction tasks that consume time and labor. It links directly to the back end via API to your Ebay, Amazon and other e-commerce shopping portals to centralize your shipping needs within an easy to use offline software program.

Installation and Setup: Installation is very easy. Simply download the software. Shipworks will give all users a free (no restrictions) 30 day trial. Realistically, when the 30 days ends you can extend it for another 30 days as well. I assume they want you to rely on the software and 60 days gives the user enough time to see how much time it can save them. After you install the program you type in basic company information and choose which marketplace you are connecting to. After generating API and cookie applets, your shipworks will be synced with your online commerce store and your merchant account (for us it was paypal which took about 2 minutes in the profile tab assigning an end user key for Shipworks to connect to).  If you are going to use shipwords on multiple PC’s, creation of a SQL database is required but is self-installed and only takes a few clicks and naming the database on your network. If you ship with various mail carriers those general account number details and password links will also be established in the setup phase.

Features You Can’t Live Without:

  • Filters – Shipworks runs on filters! When you first download your orders, it will throw them all into a filter called “Ready to Ship”. This is set by default but after assigning a few “if-then” statements you can separate your orders for streamlined processing. Example: We have a filter separating all First Class Mail, Priority Mail and Fed-Ex Overnight and Ground. Ship works takes ebay auction check out selections and places them into the correct filter. It will also separate International Orders and orders that you flag as “scam” or “Canceled” can be throw out of the “Ready to be Shipped” filters with a simple click and local status assignment. Filters are a very powerful tool in shipworks that let you see a break down of any variants in shipping methods or procedures on one simple to view menu.  You can get real technical with these filters for Advanced users and use them for reporting such as “All sales of a particular item to a specific state” etc …but for the most part these filters are used to separate your orders so you can process one type at a time in bulk.
  • The next best feature for us is the Order Grid Menu. After you have selected a filter (lets say all Priority Mail Shipments for today) these orders will display on the left side of the page. The columns here are endless and can be customized from left to right (most important) so that each specific user using shipworks only sees the columns they need to see. For our shipping department, we show the Quantity, SKU, Location, Name of item and if the user is a confirmed paypal user. (Another nifty filter is to create one for all unconfirmed users to check user names before you ship). After setting up how you wish the selected orders to display you can sort from highest to lowest or alphabetically with a simple click. For us, we organize by SKU number as they go in sequence and is easy for picking and pulling.
  • In addition to organizing filters and superb order display and sorting options, Shipworks ability to print labels and invoices proves to be very fast and can save your business alot of time! We have our filters set up by mail carrier. We simply highlight the orders we wish to ship (usually bulk ship them by category of SKU and click the ENDICIA export button. Shipworks will bring up shipping menu where you simple enter in the carrier you wish to select and verify the weights (most programs will import the weights in from your inventory input). A simple click of the process button and these orders are opened and printed in Endicia. Endicia exports this information back over to Shipworks and is uploaded to ebay and can be sent out with a customized email to your customer.

Other Noteworthy Functions:

  • Rubber Stamps – Easy to add SKU, quantity or other order information to invoice and doc tabs for easy internal operations.
  • Automation Rules – Assign automation rules specific to your business model. Set specific download order times, automatically upload tracking numbers to ebay after order has been processed, print invoice after order label has been created and auto send personalized emails with tracking and order information during any phase of the post-sales transaction.
  • Multiple Users – For no additional cost, shipworks can be run on your network with an unlimited amount of users. Assign admin privileges and menu functionality per each users needs. Information or changes made to orders are instantly updated to all PC’s and runs fast and very reliable.
  • XML Templates –  having no previous XML experience I was shaky when I thought about customizing some email templates. However, Shipworks guide on this is easy to use and making minor changes to the stock templates is relatively easy after an initial learning curve for temple building is understood.
  • Stable & User Friendly – Updates to marketplaces are matched with timely updates to the software.
  • Customer Service – I wouldn’t call Shipworks a CRM application but is has those capabilities of managing order notes or customer calls. The ability to locate and open a customer order and have all relevant comments and notes as well as tracking numbers and emails previously sent localize all order information in a great interface that’s easy to use.
  • Out of Box Ready – Ready to use within 30 minutes of use. Can take a few weeks to customize for maximum efficiency depending on your XML and software knowledge.

Most users are also eagerly awaiting version 3.0. The guys at Shipworks say you wont know how you worked with the previous version when 3.0 Comes out. If this is true, Shipworks will yet again take a big leap towards order automation. Improvements to 3.0 will include more advanced options and upgrades in search options, load times and system requirements which should allow most PC’s to run the application smooth with no RAM overloads. The only downfalls I would say are there could be some improvements to automation with some carriers but that’s usually something they cover every few updates. This is not a one-click and your done program but will save you loads of time with the right operator and customize.

A big thanks to this software and the crew at Shipworks for helping us in the early stages of setting up and for their hard work and dedication to their vision.

Above all, Shipworks can benefit any user that is overwhelmed with the shipping process. It covers a wide range of users from those shipping 10 pieces a day to those shipping several hundreds if not thousands. For the tech-savvy users, you will enjoy customizing this program to your needs and for those with less computer experience will still save loads of time and cut back on repetitive shipping tasks.

Customer Service at Shipworks is also STELLAR. Their message board is active with their developers and owners and other users are usually more than willing to lend a helping hand if you run into a wall. Their telephone support is answered by the guys who program or run the company. (I think they have less than 10 employees).

Before shipworks, it would take 2.5 hours to print 150 labels and invoice via ebay control panel and paypal (even if using the bulk ship options). With shipworks we have been able to print twice that many in half the amount of time. For $49.99/month this tool is a no brainer if want a tool that handles everything shipping and then some. You should use the main features above and for every business there will be several other options that you use that will make perfect sense for your operations.

Stock photos for your listings – Fast and Easy!

A time consuming but very important step in a successful listing is the photo. Many sellers who push non-unique products often use stock photos in their auctions. Finding these is not that difficult but finding quality and unique photos can make your listing stand out. Imagine yourself scanning down the page with the same photo over and over and then BAM. Your listing catches your eye with a nifty picture that shows a bit more style than the others. – Thats the idea! To stand out and to give a detailed photo of your item.

One of the best methods I use is google images. You use this feature by clicking IMAGES in the top left of the page and type in your product in the search results. Google’s algorithm has a very good sense of finding high-quality and non repetitive photos. I usually scan a few pages deep and see if theres something that looks great but is’nt being used.

A great picture can get you the traffic you need into the listing so also consider the “picture gallery” upgrade which will blow-up the photo in the search results. Finding stock photos is one step easier with another quality search options from Google.

How to research a sellers feedback reputation on ebay.

Ebay has revolved around feedback over since its beginning. Even today with new policy changes where sellers are unable to leave feedback for buyers its still a very important feature. Researching a seller (or buyers) feedback can reveal alot of things you might not see by opening up the first page of their feedback.

First, you can go to and click on the advanced search options next to the main search bar. On the left navigation you can search by seller. Typing in the sellers user name will bring up their feedback.

More advanced tools include ebays research labs tools called “Reputation Extractor”.  This will show graphs of the users feedback based on the setting you select.

One of the best tools is an off ebay site called You type in someones user name and it brings up all of their feedback for as long as they’ve been on ebay. Here you can really tell where the a certain company lacks attention. You might look up and see that 9 of the last 10 negatives came from no communication after the sale. If you were going to encounter any problems with a sale,  toolhaus can allow you to see months worth of non-positive customers comments.

Useful Tip: For powersellers or high volume sellers, problems in operations are going to happen. But on ebay feedback can make or break you. Using one of these tools from time to time can help you see what types of problems are going unresolved and cause negative feedbacks. Some problems are bigger than others but all sellers should review their feedback every few weeks to see if any internal processes or changes could result in less negative comments.

Ebaysaurus – An addicting research labs tool

Ebay Research labs has rolled out another nifty tool! “Ebaysaurus” is very similar to BayEstimator but revolves around visual representation of keyword anaylsis. When you have a little time, open up this tool and type in a search term. I typed in “Nintendo Wii” and is opens up a tree of highly related “categories” of search terms. The larger the box the more popular it is and also goes by color condition.

You can then double click on any of the search terms to get a more specific group of terms based on the category you selected. You can continue to narrow down search results. The fun part is clicking and dragging the tree around on the screen! Give it a try, it’s sure you help you visually scan keywords and spotential titles while killing some free time!

Ebay’s Seller Manager Pro – Pros and Cons

Ebay’s seller manager pro has been a utility that has been around for years. It’s great at certain functions and is made for certain types of users. For those that fit the purpose, its the only tool necessary. For others, it could limit the options you have to list products and is geared towards small-medium sized ebay sellers.

When access seller manager pro by the web within your account. From the left navigation on the “my ebay” tab, your seller manager pro control panel is present.  The main tab you will be in is under “Inventory”. One thing that seller manager pro does well is organizing your ebay items inventory. With a few clicks you can create a product, assign it a SKU and save different “listing templates” for each item. You can organize different quantity, price and BIN or regular auction styles under one template without having to create a separate SKU.

After you’re done create the listing, you click the ADD PRODUCT button to adjust inventory level. After you’re ready to create a listing campaign for that SKU. Its very basic but straight forward. You can also print postage manually through paypal and have basic reporting options too. Every order for now on will be assigned a “Record Number” that’s unique with each order and customer notes can be left for future reference with each record.

I would recommend Seller Manager Pro for sellers who have up to 50 different SKU’s. If you sell under this it’s a great tool for $19.99/month that will help you stay on top of your listings, give you basic inventory allocations and automate some repetitive tasks such as email notifications, feedback etc.


  • Cost efficient – Cant beat the price if your overwhelmed with daily orders.
  • Basic Inventory – Ability to save to folders, assign SKU’s and notification of low stock.
  • Automation Rules – Assign rules to each template for scheduled listings
  • Ease of Use to resell same sku with simple Add Quantity feature – Previous automation rules resume when quantity reaches a certain level and automation rules stop when stock falls below a user set number.

Here is where you might run into problems with seller manager pro. If you sell in volume, the interface within “My Ebay” is very time consuming. Editing a listing is 3 load pages, even if you are only changing the title. If you have over 50 SKUS and you decide to optimize them all you spend 75% of your time waiting for the next page to load so you can save the template.

Second, you might outgrow the automation rules that they give you. First off you are unable to assign auctions to space out more than 60 minutes apart. This means you have to duplicate a template under the product card and create a seperate identical listing to assign a different automatic listing rule.  For your top money makers that you might sell 4 different ways (Auction, Featured, BIT and Store Format) AND have several strategies (One everyday at at 5:00 and 3 auctions between 5&8 PST) it might not be uncommon to have 12-15 listing templates for a product which can be very time consuming if you want a price reduction or increase. Changing the cost for one product might take up to 10 minutes because each of 15 templates price has to be changed.

While you can duplicate templates to save some of that time, you lose the sales data that the template had previously. Beside the template it will show the success ratio of the product in the last 30 days. While this is helpful, if you had a product and sold all of them in a week it will show the ratio as 100%. If after 10 days you did not resupply that stock, the ratio will say 33%. It does not save the old ratios and you have to duplicate a new template each time you want a new sales report.

It also does not prefill any of your information such as Return Policy, Category and international sales options when you create new items.


  • Time consuming to make changes on the fly. Several load screens to make simple changes
  • No prefilled new templates covering the repetitive input (shipping options, return policy etc)
  • Inability to take advantage of relist credits for unsuccessful listings
  • Still pay 10 cents for schedules listings – Only ebay run programs charge this and any connected to the back end API receive this free of charge. Also applies for additional pictures.
  • Not capable of building kits – Not made for hosting central database of inventory, only items ready to sell.
  • Manual Shipping (2-3 Minutes per order). However you can use Paypal’s bulk system but can be tricky.


If you are more than you average person selling a few items a month, seller manager pro can help you organize your listings and assign basic automatic listings schedules. You can add inventory and manage listings with basic options that work. If you sell more than 50 pieces a day or have more than 50 unique products, Seller Manager Pro can become time-consuming to get repetitive task complete. The back end file management system (to upload in bulk) is not easy and required a very tech-savvy personnel to make bulk changes. It is stable, stays up to date with ebay’s changes and can help those who are looking for their first inventory/auction management tool.