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Great new Addon from Mozilla Firefox – “CTR-TAB” – Perfect for Pro Multi taskers!

I just finished downloading Mozilla Firefox’s new add on called “CTR-TAB”. It’s one of the best add-ons for me, especially with all the multitasking that goes on in the office or at home. When you start to have 10+ tabs open at a given time, the description at the top or icon of the website only tells a simple story when a quick page view would direct you to the previous page you were visiting.

I might have 10 ebay tabs open when changing auctions, but just having an ebay tab at the top saying “” or “My Ebay – Selling Mang | -(Cuts off here) is only going to tell me that this is one of the dozens of Selling Manager Pro tabs I have open. I might be editing one, adjusting qty in another, creating a listing in the 3rd etc.

After you install, all you have to do is press “CTR & TAB” and it will bring up a quick thumbnail screenshot of all your open windows and acts like you’re using ALT-TAB. Keep pressing till you get to the screen you want and that’s it! As soon as you release the “CTR & TAB” key, it disappear just as quick as it came on the screen. Comes in handy too when you have your hands on the keyboard typing and know shortcuts to prevent having to take your hands off the keys and using the mouse for the tech-savvy.

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Alarm Clock for your Computer – The best alarm ever made!

Simple to use computer alarm clock that will solve all your problems! There’s one thing that many of us wish we never had to do on Monday morning. Waking up to go to work! 🙂 Thankfully this simple program will solve your excuses for being late because you hit the snooze button 10 times.

“Alarm Clock” is a freeware program offered by that has a simple interface consisting of Monday -Sunday time clocks. Each day has a time and AM/PM and thats it. You can choose the alarm tone or upload your own for those who prefer to rise and shine with classic rock.

What you see is what you get. You even have the options of a single alarm for added security. As soon as you click SET ALARMS the menu disappears and is shown as a tray icon. Takes under 30 seconds to download and set the alarm.

Tip: Make sure you test your speakers or headphones volume before you hit the hay. If you tend to hit snooze to often, put your computer away from the bedside or in another room. It will make you mad every time but you’ll always get up.

You can download this program spy ware free from

Google Analytics – Installation and Basic Features

I recently wanted to add Google Analytics to a few websites that we had going even though I knew the traffic was not amazing. I found the entire process very easy to install and preview stats in it’s very most basic features. First you need to have a google account. Go to and signup for an account. After click on the Analytics tab.  Again, sign up for an account and login.

  • Next click ADD WEBSITE PROFILE on the tab at the bottom of the page.
  • After you click “Add Website Profile” you will fill in general website information.
  • After you enter in this information, click finish. It will take you to a menu that will want to “register” your website so that Google knows it belongs to you. Copy the code in the bottom of the page and insert it into the html where it immediatly before the last </body> tag.
  • Uploading this code is pretty simple. Where ever you have your website hosted you will need to access the files or upload to the root directory. Take the index.html page and open save it to your desktop. Open it up and copy and paste the code at the bottom of the page directly before the last </body> tag. Save the file and upload it back to the root directory where you downloaded. If it asks to overwrite, click YES.
  • You will have to do this for every PAGE you wish to track. For now I just installed it on the 3 main pages. Go back to the main analytics page and wait for confirmation that google has detected the code.  It can take as few as 30 minutes to activate but for others it has taken a full day so be patient before you think you installed it incorrectly.

After a few days of having the code installed I was able to see basic traffic stats on all the websites main pages.  From the outside, it looks like a normal stats menu. However, googles is very user friendly and easy on the eyes. Navigation is a breeze and it has a few features that really caught my eye.

One feature I thought was interesting was the state and city visitor tracker. It can tell and will highlight in green and yellow the countries, states and even cities that people visited the website from.

This was interesting to know that we have buyer all over the USA but that 70% of traffic was driven from California and Florida. Even more interesting was the statistics on how traffic is being driven to the site. It can tell if its organic traffic from search engines, what keywords were using in the search or what website they linked in from.

The features really seem to be so advances beyond our needs right now but Google Analytics also has the capabilities of integrating with your google adwords and adsense accounts for advertising. No matter where you get your traffic any business owner or website owner (even with low traffic) would find these statistics useful for building traffic and understanding advertising cost (and tracking sales leads and referalls).

How to run 2 identical applications at one time in Windows XP

It can often be useful to open two of the same applications in Windows Xp. Maybe you are in Microsoft paint and want to be editing one photo and have the original next to it? Or maybe you want to be your work and personal MSN Messenger account at the same time?

With a simple command in the launch options you can run two programs at the same time instantly. First you want to locate the launch icon for the program you want to open. Find the original as you can run into problems if you are using a shortcut.

1) Right click on the icon you wish to run and point your mouse on PROPERTIES and click.

2) Underneath you will see a field called TARGET. After the last ” add a space and -m. If target reads

“C:\Program Files\Ventrilo\Ventrilo.exe”

You want to change to: “C:\Program Files\Ventrilo\Ventrilo.exe” -m

Click apply and ok and close out. You should now be able to open multiple instances of the application.

Setting a Screen Saver Password on Windows XP

Setting a password for your screen saver is a useful tool in preventing unauthorized access to your PC in a work or public setting. Used often by people who use the computer throughout the day but often are away from keyboard for periods of time.

1) It’s very easy and starts by grabbing you mouse and right clicking on the desktop (main screen that has recycle bin and application icons on it). Click on properties

2) After this menu opens up, click on the SCREEN SAVER tab at the top of the window. Choose a screen saver and click “ON RESUME PASSWORD PROTECT”. To the right of this will be the time inbetween. Choose the amount of time you want to elapse before the screen saver will pop up. (Any keyboard strokes or mouse movement will bring up the password disable menu.

3) Click Apply and close the window. The password is set to your windows XP user name login password.  You can also adjust energy star power settings to conserve power when you are away. This will turn off the hard disks and ram so your computer is still on but taking a temporary nap and waiting for you to wake it up.

Setting a password on Windows XP

Setting up a password for your screen saver or log-in to Windows Xp is very simple.

1) Step 1 – Click on the START button and go to the control panel.

Step 2) Click on “User Accounts”.

3) Click “Create A New User”. You must be under the administrator login. If you do not have any users names currently, you are most likely on with admin privileges.

4) Fill in the user name you wish to create an account under and click next. The next menu will ask what permission level to grant the new user. Set it to administrator and click next.

5) It should take you back to the User Accounts main menu. Now click on “Change an Account” or click on the new user icon on the bottom of the screen

6) Click on Change My Password and enter in your desired password and your done!

You will most likely have to restart or log out and log back in before the changes will take place.

You can also set a password on your screen saver after you have set up a user login.