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Trick using free wordpress tags to get the traffic flowing!

This blog was written years ago. It was a pathetic attempt at trying to make a few bucks and learn something about website traffic at the same time. Obviously, using a free wordpress blog was my first bad choice since posting ads on the blog was against TOS. In anycase, if you’re looking for traffic to your free wordpress blog you could do the following:

  • Review wordpress categories for popular search terms in your niche and then find some alternative long tail keywords where there are only a handful of articles, close to none or even none at all. 
  • Post all relevant articles with the SAME IDENTICAL tags so that users subscribed to those keyword tags will again see your postings. 
  • Check the PR rank of the free wordpress category tag. If it’s 2+, and you post frequently with those tags, you’re site will get a boost. 

I did this at first to get this somewhat pathetic blog going and it’s still seeing 3-4K visitors a month.


Example of Long Tail Keywords In Action for my Small Personal Blog

ImageThis article will give you some real world examples of long tail keywords on this blog over the last 3 years. I’ve really only thought about making money with blogs but never really made more than a couple hundred bucks. In this website, I want to give those who have some questions about long tail keyword research for their small business or personal blog a small insight to statistics that I think are great for beginners. (I’m not anything but a beginner) 

About This Blog:

Well like everyone else, I wanted to blog and make money! I was on my last $1,500 (after tax refund) and thought I would give it a try. I went to wordpress and signed up for a free blog and posted 10-15 articles over a few weeks. These articles had no real keyword research besides google adwords and what you’re typically used to seeing about finding a niche and starting with low competition “high” volume long tail keywords. 

I shortly realized that hosting on a free wordpress site wasn’t the way to go if I wanted to make some adsense revenue so I abandoned this blog and registered my own domain. I only even remembered I had this blog after google sent me an e-mail stating that I had an adsense check pending for a year and I needed to tell them where to send it. 

Well, these days I’m wanting to get back into blogging. The last 4 years for me was great. As a 20 something year old I went from a box packer to a partner in 2 multi-million dollar companies dealing with eBay, online sales in the mobile industry. While I’m still active day-to-day in one of the companies, I wanted to give blogging a try again as I thought my experiences over the past few years could really help others. 

Thank God 3-4 years ago I used the same password for everything and regained access to this blog!

I’m not even really sure where I’m going to begin this time around but with no real financial strain and my experience being around articles previously written I thought having 3 years worth of stats on my articles could help me get some idea of how long tail keywords worked.

I’ve done so much researching about trying to rank for top long tail keywords I was about to go crazy. Really, instead of researching I should have been writing. 

Anyways, BACK TO THE MAIN REASON FOR THIS POST. I’ve always had this burning curiosity on long tail keywords and what type of traffic and keyword search variations around long tail keywords could drive traffic. These days, the word seems to be targeting adgroups.

Without further ado, ….my list of incoming search terms and the hits they received. (I’ve made some general comments around them below the search terms). Please keep in mind that it looks like (but not certain) that these long tail keyword incoming search terms only go so far back (I think a few months). So the stats below would cover something over a period of a year or so?

craigslist 2,972
ebay consignment 2,767
ebay good til cancelled 1,251
camera 1,177
ebay consignment stores 953
good till cancelled ebay 912
ebay good till cancelled 828
online 772
good til cancelled ebay 770
ebay programs 769
ebay gtc 720
ebay shipping to canada 527
ebay good til cancelled fees 441
scams 436
buying 381
new egg 375
ebay franchise 371
ebay consignment locations 353
inklink 326
gtc ebay 313
what does good till cancelled mean on ebay 296
newegg 282
good ’til cancelled ebay 270
craigslist money 234
ebay good til canceled 224
ebay good till canceled 217
ebay labs 213
ebay consignment store 210
ebay stock photos 209
google analytics ebay 197
ebay research labs 195
funny ebay feedback comments 194
make a living on craigslist 193
good til canceled ebay 188
ebay consignment sellers 180
online business 170
good till canceled ebay 169
making a living on craigslist 169
how to make a living on craigslist 167
verizon bring your own phone 160
hammertap review 155
ebay good ’til cancelled 151
scammers on ebay 146
buy on craigslist sell on ebay 145
dazzle postage 145
ebay scammers 144
ink link 144
buy online 142
funny ebay feedback 140
usps dazzle 139
shipworks review 139 138
ebay google analytics 135
buy on ebay sell on craigslist 135
shipping to canada ebay 131
ebay good until cancelled 130
hammertap vs terapeak 121
ebay consignment fees 121
consignment franchise 120
amazon restricted item 113
amazon restricted items 109
dazzle usps 107
amazon restricted categories 99
ebay store franchise 97
ebay ship to canada 97
ebay stock photo 96
online buy 96
ebay consignment seller 96
easiest things to sell on craigslist 93
good ’till cancelled ebay 92
buzzirk mobile 92
problems shipping to canada 92
please provide the correct information in the highlighted fields. 91
make a living selling on craigslist 90
buying online 88
easy things to sell on craigslist 88
terapeak vs hammertap 87
ebay good till cancelled fee 86
good until cancelled ebay 85
money on craigslist 85
ebay duration gtc 85
scammer on ebay 85
ebaysaurus 84
power seller 83
consignment ebay 78
selling manager pro 75
ebay franchise stores 75
toolhaus 74
good til cancelled fees 73
bayestimator 72
ebay consignment shops 71
online buying 71
shipworks reviews 68
scammer ebay 67
ebay order management 67
fixed price gtc 67
craigslist hustler 66
how long does it take to process a video on youtube 65
ebay good till cancel 65
ebay research lab 64
ebay good ’till cancelled 64
easy money on craigslist 64
buzzirk 63
ebay program 63
how to make money on craigslist 62
make a living off craigslist 62
bring your own phone verizon 61
consignment on ebay 61
bring your own phone to verizon 60
powerseller 60
making a living off craigslist 58
catching scammers 58
what is gtc ebay 58
turbo lister gtc duration available 57
ebay fixed price gtc 57
asking for money on craigslist 56
ebay consignment sales 55
ebay gtc listing 54
google analytics for ebay 53
ebay powerseller 53
interapptive shipworks reviews 53
ebay shipping canada 53
terakpeak 52
ebay tricks 51
money with craigslist 51
ebay gtc duration 51
buy 51
ebay gtc fee 51
easy items to sell on craigslist 50
endicia dazzle 50
how to make easy money on craigslist 50
craigs list 49
what is good till cancelled on ebay 49
dazzle endicia 48
consignment franchises 47
google analytics on ebay 47
how to make a living off craigslist 47
shipworks templates 47
ebay fixed price duration 46
location of ebay consignment stores 46
what is good til cancelled ebay 46
how to sell restricted items on amazon 46
money craigslist 45
research ebay seller 45
how to do craigslist 45
how to make money on craigslist fast 45
ebay consignment shop 45
selling manager pro inventory 45
terapeak 44
what to buy on craigslist and sell on ebay 44
stock photos for ebay 44
hammertap reviews 44
shipworks 3.0 44
stock photos ebay 43
new ebay policies 43 43
gtc on ebay 42
good till cancel ebay 42 42
camera images 42
ebay scammer caught 42
scammer 41
fp30 41
top powersellers on ebay 40
how to use stock photos on ebay 40
how long does it take for a video to process on youtube 39
good til cancelled on ebay 39
ebay gtc fees 39
camera pictures 39
channeladvisor scam 39
how long does it take for youtube to process a video 38
amazon selling tricks 38
endicia scan form 38
julia backholm 38
how to make a living selling on craigslist 38
bulk acceptance scans 38
easy money with craigslist 38
dazzle mail 38
good ’til cancelled duration 37
what is gtc on ebay 37
stock photo ebay 37
research ebay sellers 37
photo camera 37
ebay consignment store locations 36
shipping to canada on ebay 36
how long does it take to process a youtube video 36
endicia ebay 36
using stock photos on ebay 36
good till cancelled on ebay 36
consignment store franchise 36
fixed price (gtc) 35
key automation 35
good till cancelled ebay fees 35
ebay seller research 35
tips for shipping to canada 35
ebay research tools review 35
ebay “good till canceled” 35
catching a scammer 34
can you make a living on craigslist 34
how to make money off craigslist 34
dazzle postage software 34
what is ebay gtc 34
ebay good til cancel 34
buzzirk mobile scam 34
programs for ebay 33
craiglist money 33
easy money craigslist 33
most profitable items to sell on craigslist 33
shipping ebay to canada 33
ebay canada shipping 32
restricted item amazon 32
what does good til cancelled mean on ebay 32
random computer tricks 32
how to email a shipping label from usps 32
ebay power seller 31
amazon closed categories 31
problems with shipping to canada 31
fixed price (good ’til cancelled) 31
how to email a usps shipping label 30
ebay software reviews 30
new ebay rules 30
seller manager pro 30
set windows password 30
ebay good til cancelled listings 29
amazon restricted 29
ebay good until canceled 29
clark howard verizon 29
ventrilo.exe 29
ebay franchises 29
ebay cosignment 28
buy craigslist sell ebay 28
email usps shipping label 28
good till cancelled ebay fee 28
consignment shop franchise 28
ebay feedback comments 28
ebay stock images 28
how to make quick money on craigslist 28
how to use a stock photo on ebay 27
email postage label 27
what does good till cancelled mean ebay 27
making a living off of craigslist 27
how to make craigslist 27
ebay software review 27
funniest ebay feedback comments 27
how long does it take for a youtube video to process 27
how to run 2 same programs at the same time 26
good til cancelled ebay fees 26
buy from ebay sell on craigslist 26
ebay good till cancelled fees 26
newegg facility 26
ebay good til cancelled listing 26
how to research a seller on ebay 26
making a living selling on craigslist 26
easiest items to sell on craigslist 26
ebay fedex scam 26
craigslist money makers 26
craigslist easy money 26
restricted items on amazon 26
imageshack ebay 26
how to make money fast on craigslist 26
easiest thing to sell on craigslist 25
can you make a living selling on craigslist 25
ebay seller manager 25
good ’til cancelled listings 25
craigslist hustlers 25
shipping to canada tips 25
selling manager pro templates 25
camera photos 25
amazon category approval 25
ebay ranks 25
setting a windows password 25
how to ask for money on craigslist 24
return to sender 24
funny positive ebay feedback 24
ebay franchise store 24
good ‘til cancelled ebay 24
find ebay powersellers 24
ebay fp30 24
how does good til cancelled work on ebay 24
funny ebay scams 24
funny feedback comments 24
buy from craigslist sell on ebay 23
craig’s list 23
ebay shipping rules 23
who made craigslist 23
selling restricted items on amazon 23
usps return postage 23
google analytics and ebay 23
easy items to sell on ebay 23
amazon seller tricks 23
stock photos on ebay 23
how long does it take youtube to process a video 22
how to research ebay sellers 22
ebay consignments 22
ebay listing software reviews 22
what is good till cancelled ebay 22
make a living with craigslist 22
dazzle return label 22
ebay shipping to canada advice 22
quick money hustles 22
ebay what is gtc 22
how to look up a seller on ebay 21
how to make a craigslist 21
funny ebay comments 21
ebay listing good til cancelled 21
search ebay feedback 21
inklink game 21
how to open 2 ventrilos at the same time 21
good ’til cancelled fee 21
ebay fees good til cancelled 21
power seller ebay 21
how to find powersellers on ebay 21
best money makers on craigslist 21
shipping to canada problems 21
ebay good til cancelled fee 21
making a living from craigslist 21
tiphut 21
make a living off of craigslist 21
how to make money off of craigslist 21
ebay 21
setting windows password 21
ebay feedback research 21
shipworks 21
setting a password on windows 21
email postage 20
add google analytics to ebay 20
consignment selling on ebay 20
can you bring your own phone to verizon 20
fixed price gtc ebay 20
camera photo 20
buy ebay sell craigslist 20
make a living craigslist 20
fotoğraf makinesi 20
dazzle scan form 20
make quick money on craigslist 20
how to buy on craigslist and sell on ebay 20
how to make alot of money on craigslist 19
ebay labs estimator 19
dazzle ebay 19
what is fixed price gtc 19
most profitable items on craigslist 19
terapeak or hammertap 19
amazon restricted category 19
easy craigslist money 19
make a craigslist 19 19
good til cancelled fee 19
picture of a camera 18
find powersellers 18
usps first class international to canada delivery time 18
ebay good till cancelled listings 18
“good til cancelled” ebay 18
hammertap 18
consignment for ebay 18
gtc in ebay 18
how to make on craigslist 18
ebay consignment contract 18
good till cancelled fees 18
good \’til cancelled ebay 18
ebay research tools 18
ebay fixed price good til cancelled 18
please provide the correct information in the highlighted fields 18
ebay endicia 17
what does assign automation rules mean 17
is it easy to sell on craigslist 17
fixed price good till cancelled 17
setting a password for windows 17
dazzle post office 17
what is gtc in ebay 17
gtc vs 30 day 17 17
ebay consignment stores orange county 17
how hustlers make money 17
how to get a stock photo on ebay 17
craiglist 17
how to catch a scammer 17
usps acceptance 17
ebay return policy template 17
ebay how to ship to canada 16
duration gtc ebay 16
ebay good till canceled fees 16
run 2 programs same time 16
fixed price 30 16
how to catch an ebay scammer 16
ebay and google analytics 16
ebay what does good till cancelled mean 16
amazon selling tips tricks 16
research methods for dummies 16
ebay top powersellers 16
how to make big money on craigslist 16
money from craigslist 16
how to look up sellers on ebay 16
ebay good ’til canceled 16
can you ask for money on craigslist 16
how to research an ebay seller 16
how to catch ebay scammer 16
begging for money on craigslist 16
craigslist money maker 16
ebay dazzle 16
ebay consigment 16
how to make a living off of craigslist 16
how to look up ebay seller 16
ebay duration good till cancelled 16
gtc vs 30 days 15
can i ask for money on craigslist 15
how to make money on ebay and craigslist 15
“good ’til cancelled” ebay 15
good til cancel ebay 15
stats on the most successful ebay selling tricks 15
ebay good til cancelled listing fee 15
gtc ebay duration 15
what does good till cancelled mean 15
ebay listing duration gtc 15
фотоаппарат 15
camera picture 15
ebay feedback search 15
best alarm clock 15
canada 15
ebay fees good till cancelled 15
how to find powersellers 15
ebay seller franchise 15
sorry the ability to create a listing for this item is restricted. amazon 15
tips on shipping to canada 15
ship to canada ebay 15
how to email usps shipping label 15
fixed price good til cancelled 15
scammer in ebay 15
sorry, the ability to create a listing for this item is restricted. 15
buy on ebay and sell on craigslist 15
ebay consignment selling 15
ask for money on craigslist 15
how to catch ebay scammers 15
“ebay consignment” 15
random computer code 14
what does good till canceled mean on ebay 14
restricted item on amazon 14
ebay good ’til cancelled duration 14
ebay store consignment 14
ebay hammertap 14
ebay fixed price good till cancelled 14
ebay gtc? 14
usps bulk acceptance scan 14
how to look up an ebay seller 14
good until canceled ebay 14
tricks to selling on amazon 14
how to make a nice craigslist ad 14
ebay stock photos search 14
ebay research tool 14
how to make a living with craigslist 14
funny positive feedback ebay 14
how to use stock photo on ebay 14
random computer knowledge 14
ebay progs 14
picture of camera 14
look up ebay seller 14
selling manager pro vs auctiva 14
most profitable things to sell on craigslist 14
ebay feedback tricks 14
what to buy on ebay and sell on craigslist 14
ebay consignment franchise 14
ebay “good ’til cancelled” 14
earn a living on craigslist 14
hammertap or terapeak 14
gtc+ebay 14
terapeak hammertap 14
what is good til cancelled on ebay 13 13
making a living with craigslist 13
how to run 2 programs at once 13
dazzle printer ebay 13
where is the money in craigslist? 13
issues shipping to canada 13
can i email a usps shipping label 13
acceptance usps 13
camera image 13
games like inklink 13
what is ebay good till cancelled 13
good till cancelled ebay listing 13
ebay listing gtc 13
buy on line 13
best things to buy on craigslist and sell on ebay 13
how long does it take to process youtube video 13
ebay fees gtc 13
terepeak 13
how do i use a stock photo on ebay 13
ebay please enter your correct information in the highlighted boxes below 13
endicia 13
ebay scammer 13
return to sender usps 13
good till canceled on ebay 13
good til cancelled 13
ebay selling manager pro inventory 13
research seller on ebay 13
change duration from 10 days to good till cancelled 13
usps dazzle download 13
camera foto 13
how i made money on craigslist 13
how to scam on ebay 12

A few points to remember 

  • My blog had a total of 54 articles
  • All of which were poorly written with some knowledge behind the content but masked in the rush to pump some items out in hopes of making some money.
  • The articles were about eBay mainly (1/2), craigslist and cell phone related topics.
  • It was written on free site.

So how does the traffic break down? (In my own 20 minute review)

  1. First, I actually did write one “great” article about how terrible eBay franchise businesses were. I was a fool and took the article down and redirected it to my new blog only to abandon that one after I was employed and forgot to pay the hosting fee at godaddy. This one article ranked on the top page for keywords such as “eBay Franchise information” and “eBay consignment”. These were short tail ones back in the day. They probably generated about 1/4 of the overall traffic until the post lost rank on this blog and picked up on my other .com blog. 
  • It didn’t take long with a crappy looking blog and terrible command of the english / typing language that some other bloggers and sites linked it up and the rest was history. It drove “a lot of traffic”. One blog post for a few short tail keywords and many surrounding long tail keywords drove about 25% of my traffic.

2. Many others came from the wordpress theme “tags” associated with my blog post. I defiantly would pay more attention to these tags and use of them this next time around.

3. While I didn’t rank many times for the keywords I was trying to (or research told me to go after) I did get a lot of traffic around keywords that google adwords showed no search volume for.

4. Some search terms I competed with the big boys. Top 10 search result for over a year for what was a growing trend around ebay consignment stores was a real surprise! This article I probably spent the least amount of time writing and think I did very little to no keyword research before hand. It just flowed naturally and I suppose readers and this the search engine picked up on it. 

So that I don’t get too chatty here, for anyone who’s just starting out on a blog, please remember a few simple things.

  • Traffic takes a little bit of time to pickup. Sometimes weeks to months, or a year. 
  • Using a free wordpress site to being with isnt a terrible idea. While you might be limited with ads and the likes, they will feed your articles down global tag categories which can get you some rank and free traffic right out of the gate. Later on you can upgrade or write other articles linked back and forth.
  • Don’t spend too much time researching long tail keywords and regular keywords if it prevents you from writing something. In my case, I probably spent 80% trying to learn SEO and keyword research and my stats suggest I should of just kept writing and I would of generated more visits.
  • A lot of the long tail keywords that came up in the incoming search results page would guide me more this time around on how MY SPECIFIC audience is searching for me and outlying search terms to get there. 
  • Posting AUTHENTIC and helpful/useful comments on other peoples blogs is a great way to get some traffic to you site overtime. 
  • There is no BS about writing good content. You can spam all you want, write crappy content and do it all for the money. That can even work! But if you have a niche, write about it, help others around the net in your niche and it should grow overtime.

My #1 thought: 

If i had it over again (and if this blogging for money helping others) this time around does take off, I would spend less time cranking out pitiful articles (even though they do bring traffic) and spend more time concentrating on fewer articles that really have something to offer the reader.

In my case, 1 article that took me 1 hour to write from start to finish consisted of 25% of my traffic hits and 35% of my google adsense earnings.

Being that this article is way too long, I thank you for getting to the bottom. If you did, leave a message or something. I promise I won’t take 3 years to respond this time. I’m going to make a few other articles highlighting the traffic statistics and how it grew and declined after a while also.




2nd CEO of Buzzirk Mobile Resigns – …Another MLM bites the dust!!!


Being in the telecommunication industry selling hardware, service really isn’t my thing. But if your familiar with Buzzirk Mobile, a Multi-Level-Marketing scheme program, the intern CEO officially resigned at 8PM EST on August 5th, 2009. This comes just two and a half weeks after the original CEO quit. Talks of scams, patent issues and a solid vision have been hot and heavy since the first CEO resigned and tonight adds fuel to the fire.

People wondered if Buzzirk would live up to it’s hype! Buzzirk Mobile being the “hot” unlimited pre-paid for $79.99 including international calls, unlimited Internet and basically unlimited everything with every option.  The idea for MLM on this didn’t have me from HELLOMOTO. For one, the price was not that great. We’re coming out of a recession and while the deal is hot, I couldn’t imagine the masses being attracted to a plan that was probably more expensive than their current plan.  The nay-sayer’s  think the idea of making people pay $20-$50 EXTRA out of their discretionary income for options that they most likely will not significantly use would never take off.  I personally think this is accurate and wasn’t really too sure on their “PiggyBack” GSM technology with Zer01 . I’m not saying that it didn’t sound impressive; I’m just saying it wasn’t anything to jump up and down about.

I happened to attend one of the  scam networking “business meetings” as moral support for someone when the call came through.  Pretty embarrassing for the host to cancel the event before it even began , on speakerphone for all the interested individuals who are now glad that they didn’t get suckered into another flopped MLM.  It didn’t sound officially dead, but when this supposedly “triple-diamond” regional sales guy from Buzzirk Mobile tells everyone in attendance to take their credit card information out of their account, you can pretty much call it a done deal.

I call SCAM. If it happens not to be a scam, MLM is just not ready for for a dedicated telecommunication gig. In my opinion, the technology just moves to fast and competition is too fierce. Metro PCS offers a $30 unlimited talk/text plan and just added unlimited international calling to a long list of foreign countries for only $5.99/month. Pageplus, Verizon’s new pre-paid dealer is offering similar plans with little restrictions on roaming and availability outside of your market’s area. An MLM needs a breath of fresh air and a calm before the storm when it finally picks up and gets viral and the cell phone market doesn’t allow for that much time before the next best thing comes out.

How Buzzurk was Buzzirk?

And WAIT there (no) more ..Billy Mays dies at age 50 – A Tribue!


Billy Maze is known for shouting OxiClean (along with Mighty Putty, KABOOM and Hurculeys Hook ) died around 7:45 this morning. Billy was an icon for all pitchmen and will go down as the best ever! His products sold in the BILLIONS of dollars and was mid-season into the new series “Pitchman”.

Mays was on the US Airways flight from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Tampa on Saturday that had a hard landing at Tampa International Airport when the plane’s front tire blew out. There were no reported injuries on Flight 1241, US Airways told CNN.

According to a local Tampa TV station, Mays said: “All of a sudden as we hit you know it was just the hardest hit, all the things from the ceiling started dropping. It hit me on the head, but I got a hard head.”

Airline spokesman Jim Olson told CNN Sunday there were no reported passenger injuries from flight 1241. The airline vowed to “cooperate fully” with authorities in the investigation.

“We were very sad to learn of Billy Mays’ passing and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family,” Olson said. Tampa officials say the Medical Examiner’s Office expects to complete an autopsy by Monday afternoon. In a statement, Deborah Mays said that although “Billy lived a public life,” the family does not plan immediate public statements about his death.”

– Cited from

Here are some useful links that captivate the world of Billy Mays on his journey as the BEST pitch man ever! RIP Billy, you seemed like a great person and a true American Entrepernuer.

Wiki for Billy Maze

Top 10 Billy Maze Commercials

A list of Billy Maze Products

Some Funny YouTube videos as well ….

Billy Mays Orders food from McDonalds, pretty funny!


Mighty Puddy!

Hercules Hooks!

Big City Sliders Video – Only Billy could sell these!

Billy Mays Dubs – Some of these are pretty funny too!

Kaboom Re-Make

Mighty Puddy Dub

Big City Sliders Dub

Billy Mays, you were a GOD of the TV lands. …RIP sir!

Catching a scammer on Ebay – BUSTED!

Ebay has scammers? Unfortunately, they have plenty! The sad part is they’re hard to catch all the time and these guys are extremely smart! Getting scammed for anyone who does more than 25/day might be overwhelmed with the attempts and they can be hard to catch 100% of the time. Fortunately, I was able to catch a guy who almost ran with $1600!

Most of our scams come from user names without any feedback (or little), a new user with a new member indicator and they’re purchasing a high end item with overnight delivery. The bad part is that some decide to ship to unconfirmed address across the board because a significant 15% of sales can come from these users.  Shipping software can prevent some filtering of potentially fraudulent orders with filters in shipworks, but takes some personal attention to find the real scams.

The Scam: This one was obvious after the fact. It was someone who fell for the craigslist job posting scam to make “$300+” per week and needed to start immediatly. Basically, overseas guys steam an ebay/paypal account with cash and have the item shipped to your house. You sign for the packages and will often be told to purchase the item from your computer so it cant be traced with a hacked account. When the item arrives, you send each package overseas to the scammer with the potential to make $30+ per item that you resend. After you’ve sent the first 10 items they offer to pay and then their gone. All the evidence falls on the receiver/buyer of the item and when the original account holder files a claim …your address is at fault. Some are gullible and believe it, other know what’s going on but go along with it. Being paid is common but eventually you’ll get burned hard.

For some reason they tricked us one day when we were off guard. A user bought 7 identical items worth $150+ / unit.  They were shipped overnight through FedEx express and by the time we caught it the packages were already on the way. He had a phone number in the shipping info so I decided to give it a call. Go figure, it was disconnected. Following with a straight forward e-mail of calling the cops if they accepted the package , the scammer did not respond.

At this point I was pretty pissed. Some idiot sits at home and makes more than 98% of Americans by defrauding people from the comfort of his couch. It was getting late in the afternoon and unless we could get something worked out the guy who have the phones and then there’s no hope. I used google earth first just to see what kind of neighboor hood he was in and I was surprised when it was a nice family neighborhood in the city. The image was hard to swallow knowing tomorrows GPS photo might include the scammer accepting the packages from Fedex.

I figured giving this guy’s neighbors a call would undercover a few more facts. I used a reverse directory look up from a website and started to type in potential house numbers that were located next door. Lets say his address was 100 Main St. I would type in 101 Main St. and find the persons number. The one fact he cant hide is where they’re being shipped so you know someone there was participating (knowingly or unknowingly). I basically told the guys on the other end we sell items online and a scammer was using a neighbors address for potential fraud. This way they wouldn’t feel like we were attacking their weekend BBQ buddy, but enough to get in the door and find out a little bit more information. They told me he worked at home and was a “nice man”. I politely asked for his phone number so I could let him know what’s going on and the handed it over like stealing candy from a baby.

Calling this guy was a trip. At first we left a few messages and he actually called us back first. The message told him the same thing, that his house was being used for a scam. When he called back he played dumb and said he just got off of work …but his neighbors said he was home and the car was outside. Later, I told him what I found out from his neighbor that he worked from hom and had been at home during business hours that day. I could feel the nervousness in him now. That line was like McKoy on Law & Order tripping up a weak defendant on the stand to prove their own guilt. He was quick to get off the phone and finally hung up on me saying he was clueless.

Calling ebay and payal did not work AT ALL! After two hours on the phone with both, they didn’t seem to really have the means of reacting out of the training manual for a time sensitive issues. Eventually they told us they had some more info that might help about their location etc but couldn’t tell anyone but law enforcement or fraud division that they recognized.

The next best thing was to call fedex. I asked if we could get them held and they said yes but preferred to put me in touch with the recipients local fraud department and they were the key to getting the items back. Luckily, the guy there was pretty dedicated to his job and knew about the scam from a previous “case”. Now we had the guys if he could stop fedex. He was able to get some information from talking with ebay and he literally was planning a sting for the Fedex guy to deliver and after he signed have proof he had committed a crime and search warrant his house. That was the plan for the next day but before then he knocked on the front door and when he couldn’t get a hold of anyone he left his business card in the door.

By this time the scammer actually called us back again telling us how sorry he was and he didn’t know what he was doing and he’ll send the packages back to us the next day. Kind off because 2 hours earlier I offered him $500 to return the packages and he didn’t even sound interested when he wasn’t even accused yet. Fedex also got our page and we figured we would ask them to go back to the house for a “pick-up” and told the driver to ask for the packages he delivered earlier in the day back. He had to be sweating hard after his neighbor called him and said some random person called them accusing their loving neighbor as a scammer. When Fedex drove by, he was probably so shook he just decided to hand all the packages back over. Everything came back and we were saved (minus some overnight charges) and the local detective was trying to build a case against him. Apparently, it wasn’t the first time this had happened at the location.

If they were caught a few hours later everyone we called would’ve been closed and he the items would be gone but thinking fast and catching some people who wanted to take this kind of thing down saved a bunch of money. The scam is pretty big so catching them all is impossible but at least this one was taught a lesson.

Improve your online business – buy from your competition

Everyone is trying to sell their items on line these days through a website or ebay. The big guys will always be there but a large percentage of sales are pushed by smaller companies that you compete with on one level or another. Ever wonder why your competitor has higher DSR stars or better feedback ratings than you? Occasionally, a good way to check your own operations or to get a feel for how other companies handle their post sales procedures can teach anyone a few shortcuts or cost savings ideas.

A few interesting points to check are:

  • Checkout system – How easy? What processing method? Ease of selecting item specifics etc.
  • Communication – What e-mails do you get when you checkout? Do they cross promotions with mailing lists and repeat customer tactics after after the purchase?
  • Packing Materials – You may learn a few cost savings techniques in shipping supply reduction or alternatives, invoice information and paper marketing materials.
  • Customer Service – Call up after you’ve received your item and even if all is well, test their customer service department with e-mails or phone calls. Test their returns and exchange procedures and length of time etc. Playing the unhappy customer has never been so fun!

Testing a few of these areas can help you find strengths and weaknesses in your own and others post sale transaction. Your routine might be comfortable, but with everything involved after the sale it can be easy to look past an improvement that can make a big difference when multiplied by all of your outgoing shipments. gets inside tour of Newegg facility

In the past this option s has always been a great place to find all your computer parts at a fair price. They’ve even opened up shipping to Canada after a lot of demand from potential customers. Combo deals and customer ratings and reviews are two reasons you can find a good price and be sure of your purchase. New egg ships over 25,000+ orders a day and has a very intelligent flow of products in their warehouse. One plus I’ve always had is the shipping speed of their product and in touch via email each step of the orders.

Their peanut machine is pretty large and has dozens of utters for dispensing. They even have an automatic box makers that is built to the customers orders to ensure safe packaging while reducing shipping cost with tailored precision.

(Photo from

Their systems also seem very automated and completely leaves the decision making and costly error prone procedures robotic. Their pick, pack and pull procedures are control ed by computers and use bins with what looks like some bar-code hierarchy. This brief and rare inside tour of a companies internal operations is a great way to see how large e-commerce vendors are able to use the best in technology and conveyor belt systems.

(Photo from

While all the procedures are not spelled out, Anand’s article might give you some ideas on your operations. You can view the entire tour and a great write up of newegg’s facility at

Image Hosting for Ebay photos & images made easy

Image hosting is something almost everyone does off of ebays platform. Being charged to expose your image from different angles can really add up if you run lots of listings. Likewise, it’s nice to have a all your images in a centralized location if you use your images for your website or just want to have more organization that ebay provides. There’s a few free companies that get the job done with ease.

  • Photo bucket is a great tool that has a very user friendly website. You’re able to login and on the first menu have the option to upload photos.  Reduces alot of clicks and when you need to copy and paste the image location somewhere else the auto copy box is a great tool. After you upload you see a thumb nail of your image and the code for various ways to display the image. One says “Copy URL” all you have to do is click that field and it automatically copies the code. It’s also very reliable and theres only been a few short periods of down time from my experience in the past year. The ads are minimal and very rarely get in your way.
  • Using your own FTP is also a great way to upload photos. After you’ve grabbed some web storage space (you can upgrade on photobucket or find one for cheap all over the internet) uploading is even faster. I tend to notice FTP’s upload the photos fast and if you have multiple places you need to get the image you can easily drag and drop in different categories or sites with a few clicks.

Heres a website that highlights alot of the free and reliable image hosting options out there.

Just bought 30 shares of Ebay Stock at 15.25 ..gamble or good call?

I’ve been monitoring ebay stocks price pretty closely the past few months and for some reason I kept telling my self it gets much below $16.00 I would take a “gamble” and scoop some up. For some reason, it just seems like the right time. I’ve put some money in stocks before and have money in a Fidelity Roth IRA …but I would never consider my self even half way intelligent with stocks.

However, as a Titanium Powerseller and someone who has his hands in ebay for 12+ hours a day, I’m thinking this is a good call (for now).

  • For starters, ebay’s stock has been doing poorly the last few months if not past few years down from $40 on it’s 52 week high. Could it really tank below $10 …my personal opinion is no.
  • Obviously, ebays recent policy changes have had the market down and some sellers either adjusting or leaving the marketplace – most have made up their mind by now and things are starting to seem a bit more consistent. The vibe still hasn’t improved but sellers are implementing new strategies and at least not feeling like they’re playing as much of a guessing game with a bit of experience and testing of auctions in the past few weeks.
  • Also, last week when the stock market plunged 700+ points ALL stocks were doing poorly; to the point that global markets were taken severe beatings! I considered ebays plunge last week due to economic factors …not necessary ebay’s marketplace.
  • The 700+ Billion $ bail out has now been approved and a SMALL bit of hope is putting a bit of confidence into peoples heads and the market (or at least better than when they couldn’t come to a resolution). Please note the word SMALL.
  • The Holiday season is approaching and we’ve had a few customers mentioning they’re buying our items for gifts for the Holidays. The summer was very slow this year but even in a semi-recession, you can expect lots more sales from the past few months.

With all of this being said, it seemed a bunch of external and internal factors have been hitting ebay hard all at one time. More importantly for my purchasing decision, as a “large” ebay seller and tax payer, I see ..again a SMALL light at the end of the tunnel at the least. Especially with an election a few months away …no matter who wins, people will feel a page is being turned for the better after the previous administration has left office. I feel ebay is a buy because some of the weights of the marketplace and economy have been lifted off ebays shoulders and I’m willing to buy a few shares to see if this is the case! Lets see what happens in the next few months! 🙂

How to E-Mail Postage with USPS Dazzle / Endicia

There comes a time for every customer service department when a customer refuses to pay the return postage, even if it’s their fault! Unfortunately, this can cost you money but to save a negative feedback or the hassle of having them call and bother your crew can often times be well worth the $5.00 to have them ship it back. Likewise, the customer is more likely to send the item off right away instead of waiting at his conveyance to wait in line at the post office. Everyday that passes, the customer might still be e-mailing you threats or silly e-mails.

You will need an Endicia account and have their Dazzle software installed. Dazzle with Endicia does not necessary explain in layman’s terms how to email postage and it’s defiantly not an automated task with that works with your other software applications but it is possible. One reason USPS doesn’t really want you doing this is because the shipping post office is graded on a scale of 100 the on-time percentage of delivery for parcels and upgraded options. You might send someone a label via E-Mail on Monday, but your customer might not send it till Friday, causing the Post Master to feel a small deduction in his percentage if the process is repeated over and over.

Anyways, it’s pretty easy to do.

Step 1: You will need to download adobe reader and install the full version. You also need Dazzle from Endicia installed as stated above. This version doesn’t cost you a dime but might take in upwards of 10 minutes to download and install. Restart your PC. Doing so will allow your computer to set adobe as a valid “printer” when you go to print postage and is necessary in the below steps.

Step 2: After you’ve installed, open up Endicia Dazzle software and the layout that you wish to send return postage etc with.

Step 3: Fill out the address and return address accordingly. Usually I type our company name in both the return address section and the mailing address section. We can usually be accurate with the weight, but if it’s not, USPS might return it to the return address and the postage is wasted and still needs to be sent out. When you put your address in both of these fields, if for some reason something goes wrong, USPS has no option but to “return to sender” and it will eventually make it back to your facility/home.

(When you double click on the senders address a menu comes up. Here you highlight the entire address, press CTR-C and it will auto populate the shipping address. USPS has no option but to send it back to you even if the party you’re emailing over packs for the next earthquake)

Step 4: When you have the label, weight (adjusted by double clicking on the postage section on the label) and method, you’re ready to export to PDF file so you can email the file. You will need to set up the postage to print to PDF Adobe Reader. Click on FILE>Printer Setup> and change the default from your thermal/laser/inkjet printer to AdobePDF Creator. Select this option in printer drop down menu and click ok.

Step 5: Time to “print”. Click on the print Icon in the upper left of the application and it should open adobe, create the file automatically and then (for me at least) opens up Outlook with the file already attached. I enter in the customers email and a quick message and you’re done! EASY!

Remember to remind them to send it out ASAP so you don’t get a call from your Post Master or it gets delayed. Faxing labels doesn’t work because it throws the bar code off and 3D scan postage at the top off and cant be used by USPS. Very rarely, faxing a copy might make it’s way to the lost and found never to be seen again. Also remember to change your layout back to your default!