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Just bought 30 shares of Ebay Stock at 15.25 ..gamble or good call?

I’ve been monitoring ebay stocks price pretty closely the past few months and for some reason I kept telling my self it gets much below $16.00 I would take a “gamble” and scoop some up. For some reason, it just seems like the right time. I’ve put some money in stocks before and have money in a Fidelity Roth IRA …but I would never consider my self even half way intelligent with stocks.

However, as a Titanium Powerseller and someone who has his hands in ebay for 12+ hours a day, I’m thinking this is a good call (for now).

  • For starters, ebay’s stock has been doing poorly the last few months if not past few years down from $40 on it’s 52 week high. Could it really tank below $10 …my personal opinion is no.
  • Obviously, ebays recent policy changes have had the market down and some sellers either adjusting or leaving the marketplace – most have made up their mind by now and things are starting to seem a bit more consistent. The vibe still hasn’t improved but sellers are implementing new strategies and at least not feeling like they’re playing as much of a guessing game with a bit of experience and testing of auctions in the past few weeks.
  • Also, last week when the stock market plunged 700+ points ALL stocks were doing poorly; to the point that global markets were taken severe beatings! I considered ebays plunge last week due to economic factors …not necessary ebay’s marketplace.
  • The 700+ Billion $ bail out has now been approved and a SMALL bit of hope is putting a bit of confidence into peoples heads and the market (or at least better than when they couldn’t come to a resolution). Please note the word SMALL.
  • The Holiday season is approaching and we’ve had a few customers mentioning they’re buying our items for gifts for the Holidays. The summer was very slow this year but even in a semi-recession, you can expect lots more sales from the past few months.

With all of this being said, it seemed a bunch of external and internal factors have been hitting ebay hard all at one time. More importantly for my purchasing decision, as a “large” ebay seller and tax payer, I see ..again a SMALL light at the end of the tunnel at the least. Especially with an election a few months away …no matter who wins, people will feel a page is being turned for the better after the previous administration has left office. I feel ebay is a buy because some of the weights of the marketplace and economy have been lifted off ebays shoulders and I’m willing to buy a few shares to see if this is the case! Lets see what happens in the next few months! 🙂


Ebay getting rid of Skype? Selling to Google?

Skype was bought by ebay nearly 3 years ago but has since then failed to implement a real advantage within ebay’s core. Ebay saw Skype as a daily function for users to manage customer contacts, answering questions and pre and post sale concerns. However, sellers and buyers have failed to take advantage of this feature within their listings.

CEo John Donahue said to the Financial Times

“What we’re testing this year are the synergies,” Mr Donahoe told the Financial Times this week after Ebay reported its latest earnings. “If the synergies are strong, we’ll keep it in our portfolio. If not, we’ll reassess it.” That could lead to the disposal of the business, he indicated.

This news comes after Skype reported strong Q1 revenue up to $162 million dollars, a 61% increase from the previous year. This year it’s expected Skype will generate $500 million and be profitable. This may lead ebay to sell the VoIP company with the hopes of having a money making buyout. Rumor talks point to Google.com, who would more likely be able to find a better use for it’s services if Ebay users do not hop on the waggon in the next 8 months.

We do not comment on market rumor or speculation regarding acquisitions, Generally speaking we are constantly in discussions about potential partnerships in cases that will be mutually beneficial for users, advertisers, and publishers. – Spokesman for Google

The reasons for the service not being a match on ebay are numerous. Sellers contribute that software advances in auto-answering services and advanced platforms to handle customer service management leave little need for the service. Also many larger sellers that previously used the platform have choosen to host toll free phone lines with other VoIP companies. Every buyer or seller has a phone number when they need to get in touch, but not everyone has a Skype account loaded with cash.

Fixed Price 30 and Good Til Canceled Explained

Today is one of those days I just really regret. With Ebay’s new policies and FP 30 going into effect about 12 hours ago, I am having to change 270 templates to reflect a Fixed Price 30 duration if the quantity and success ratio represents a case for this listing type. One thing I was confused about was the “Good Til Canceled” feature in addition with Fixed Price 30.I called our Powerseller representative and she clarified what Good Til Canceled means for your auctions.

Basically, if you set a 30 day duration it will list the item for 30 days and then END. I highly suggest this for right now as no one really knows how well these Fixed Price 30’s will work.

If you select Good Til Canceled, this is the same as listing a 30 day duration listing but will re list after it is finished and carry over your “Velocity”. This is very important for those who have consistent large lots of stock. If your listing was highly successful, Good Til Canceled is a great feature that requires no relisting strategies till your inventory reaches a certain level.

Also remember that it will RECHARGE you the fees. This is why I called because I am spending the $100 for the new featured 30 day auction. To date, I am not sure how these will go and if it’s worth the money. I only assigned them to our top sellers or consistant movers. In doing so I put them all on 30 day durations and if t hey are successful I will go back and change them to Good til Canceled. This might not seem like a big deal but after a months time I would forget to back and check the sales for these listing upgrades and wouldnt want to incur the $100 fee if the listing broke even or lost money.

You can change your auction from 30 Day Fixed price to Good Til Canceled in your templates but not as an active listing. I was also told by our powerseller represenative that choosing Good TIl Cancelled will also give your listing the best chance of carrying over the velocity that it earned from the previous listing to the new one. She explained that after a certain amount of days pass without a relist, you could potentially lose all of the velocity your FP30 listing had so keep on top of these during the next 30 days.

Major Updates to finding about FP30 and GTC on a more recent post!