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Improve your online business – buy from your competition

Everyone is trying to sell their items on line these days through a website or ebay. The big guys will always be there but a large percentage of sales are pushed by smaller companies that you compete with on one level or another. Ever wonder why your competitor has higher DSR stars or better feedback ratings than you? Occasionally, a good way to check your own operations or to get a feel for how other companies handle their post sales procedures can teach anyone a few shortcuts or cost savings ideas.

A few interesting points to check are:

  • Checkout system – How easy? What processing method? Ease of selecting item specifics etc.
  • Communication – What e-mails do you get when you checkout? Do they cross promotions with mailing lists and repeat customer tactics after after the purchase?
  • Packing Materials – You may learn a few cost savings techniques in shipping supply reduction or alternatives, invoice information and paper marketing materials.
  • Customer Service – Call up after you’ve received your item and even if all is well, test their customer service department with e-mails or phone calls. Test their returns and exchange procedures and length of time etc. Playing the unhappy customer has never been so fun!

Testing a few of these areas can help you find strengths and weaknesses in your own and others post sale transaction. Your routine might be comfortable, but with everything involved after the sale it can be easy to look past an improvement that can make a big difference when multiplied by all of your outgoing shipments.


The Truth Behind Ebay Consignment Franchise Stores

eBay Franchise Business

eBay Franchise Business

Going back to my roots in college, I had a part time job in a regional ebay consignment chain called ShipOnSite. I was really excited when I got the job, even with the hourly rate of $8/hour.  During the early part of this decade, these chains even rated very high in reputable commerce directories for “best franchise opportunities”. Today, much has changed and the business model is suffering big time due to the economy and changes in the marketplace. While some are still successful, it takes a very good manager and the right demographics for one of these chains to succeed these days.

This eBay Franchise Article Received a lot of traffic, comments and questions over the last few years. I’ve moved this blog post over to my new site with many other eBay business articles. Please follow this link to read the rest of this eBay Consignment Store article and other related business posts. Thank you, and let’s make some money!