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2nd CEO of Buzzirk Mobile Resigns – …Another MLM bites the dust!!!


Being in the telecommunication industry selling hardware, service really isn’t my thing. But if your familiar with Buzzirk Mobile, a Multi-Level-Marketing scheme program, the intern CEO officially resigned at 8PM EST on August 5th, 2009. This comes just two and a half weeks after the original CEO quit. Talks of scams, patent issues and a solid vision have been hot and heavy since the first CEO resigned and tonight adds fuel to the fire.

People wondered if Buzzirk would live up to it’s hype! Buzzirk Mobile being the “hot” unlimited pre-paid for $79.99 including international calls, unlimited Internet and basically unlimited everything with every option.  The idea for MLM on this didn’t have me from HELLOMOTO. For one, the price was not that great. We’re coming out of a recession and while the deal is hot, I couldn’t imagine the masses being attracted to a plan that was probably more expensive than their current plan.  The nay-sayer’s  think the idea of making people pay $20-$50 EXTRA out of their discretionary income for options that they most likely will not significantly use would never take off.  I personally think this is accurate and wasn’t really too sure on their “PiggyBack” GSM technology with Zer01 . I’m not saying that it didn’t sound impressive; I’m just saying it wasn’t anything to jump up and down about.

I happened to attend one of the  scam networking “business meetings” as moral support for someone when the call came through.  Pretty embarrassing for the host to cancel the event before it even began , on speakerphone for all the interested individuals who are now glad that they didn’t get suckered into another flopped MLM.  It didn’t sound officially dead, but when this supposedly “triple-diamond” regional sales guy from Buzzirk Mobile tells everyone in attendance to take their credit card information out of their account, you can pretty much call it a done deal.

I call SCAM. If it happens not to be a scam, MLM is just not ready for for a dedicated telecommunication gig. In my opinion, the technology just moves to fast and competition is too fierce. Metro PCS offers a $30 unlimited talk/text plan and just added unlimited international calling to a long list of foreign countries for only $5.99/month. Pageplus, Verizon’s new pre-paid dealer is offering similar plans with little restrictions on roaming and availability outside of your market’s area. An MLM needs a breath of fresh air and a calm before the storm when it finally picks up and gets viral and the cell phone market doesn’t allow for that much time before the next best thing comes out.

How Buzzurk was Buzzirk?