And WAIT there (no) more ..Billy Mays dies at age 50 – A Tribue!


Billy Maze is known for shouting OxiClean (along with Mighty Putty, KABOOM and Hurculeys Hook ) died around 7:45 this morning. Billy was an icon for all pitchmen and will go down as the best ever! His products sold in the BILLIONS of dollars and was mid-season into the new series “Pitchman”.

Mays was on the US Airways flight from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Tampa on Saturday that had a hard landing at Tampa International Airport when the plane’s front tire blew out. There were no reported injuries on Flight 1241, US Airways told CNN.

According to a local Tampa TV station, Mays said: “All of a sudden as we hit you know it was just the hardest hit, all the things from the ceiling started dropping. It hit me on the head, but I got a hard head.”

Airline spokesman Jim Olson told CNN Sunday there were no reported passenger injuries from flight 1241. The airline vowed to “cooperate fully” with authorities in the investigation.

“We were very sad to learn of Billy Mays’ passing and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family,” Olson said. Tampa officials say the Medical Examiner’s Office expects to complete an autopsy by Monday afternoon. In a statement, Deborah Mays said that although “Billy lived a public life,” the family does not plan immediate public statements about his death.”

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Here are some useful links that captivate the world of Billy Mays on his journey as the BEST pitch man ever! RIP Billy, you seemed like a great person and a true American Entrepernuer.

Wiki for Billy Maze

Top 10 Billy Maze Commercials

A list of Billy Maze Products

Some Funny YouTube videos as well ….

Billy Mays Orders food from McDonalds, pretty funny!


Mighty Puddy!

Hercules Hooks!

Big City Sliders Video – Only Billy could sell these!

Billy Mays Dubs – Some of these are pretty funny too!

Kaboom Re-Make

Mighty Puddy Dub

Big City Sliders Dub

Billy Mays, you were a GOD of the TV lands. …RIP sir!



  1. shesonlysaying

    I forgot about big city sliders! I love that!!! As far as Infomercial spokesmen go he was pretty great!

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